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  1. looking for a 16X50 RBG / Mega tree Sequence to Barbosa is Hungry, Anyone got something they might share? Of course if you got a whole display sequence that would be even cooler. Thanks sig43@bellsouth.net
  2. Can anyone explain how to make a picture move around the screen? Or is there a tutorial out there (cant seem to find anything other then basic SS) Have a pixelated death star i would like to have move across the screen (for starters) Sig43@bellsouth.net
  3. Bit of a Disney Freak, Looking for any sequences that are based on the Electric Light parade Thanks Sig43@bellsouth.net
  4. Could I also get a copy of all the sequences sig43@bellsouth.net
  5. would love a copy of screen and pixel tree if you have it Sig432bellsouth.net
  6. This was a function in S4 version, where is it in S5?
  7. In s4 you right click add rbg channel above or below and done, In S5 Where is that option? I need to add a few more strings of RBG to a sequence. the help instructions state the same as S4 process but when i right click on the channel i dont get the option i need
  8. Hi, am adding matrix this year so trying to collect as many sequences as possible, Can I have a copy , Jerry sig43@bellsouth.net
  9. New to sequencing would love to get a copy of this sig43@bellsouth.net
  10. Hi James, new to all this but would love to get a copy of your sequence
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