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  1. Dennis brok

    Sneak peak of my 2018 Christmas light show

    Looks really good keep up the good work
  2. Dennis brok

    Everything is orderd

    Everything arived they only gave me 1 box without the leads for the ccr but primussen me to send it today
  3. Dennis brok

    Everything is orderd

    I hope to share a video in 2 weeks of the finished tree
  4. Dennis brok

    Everything is orderd

    9600 Channels Lets hope it all works out
  5. Dennis brok

    Everything is orderd

    So the 4 x pixie16 with ccr is ordered 64 ccr running on 4 pixie 16 controllers with the lor pro and supperstar for 80 ccr lets hope it all works one big mega tree
  6. Whats the differece in the pixcon16 and the pixie16 controller ? Other than the price ? Only the dmx option ?
  7. Its for own use marketing is it maybe better to get a small computer and put it in a watertight case in the top but how would i updete the sequence without klimbing the tree
  8. Thats a problem because the show is run in a town square where i cant leave a computer running any other idease to make this work ?
  9. Simple question will a G3-MP3 ShowTime Director run 64 cosmic collor ribbons this is 9600 channels and i saw that the director is made for 8000 channels please anyone help me thanks dennis
  10. Dennis brok

    What to get

    Anyone time to help plz
  11. Dennis brok

    What to get

    I want to build a ccr mega tree im thinking 48 or 62 strings it has to be stand alone and can i just get 3 or 4 16 ccr superstar kits and a G3-mp3 director can i then make them work like one big tree ? Or is there a better option to get it done ? ps this is a tree that will be placed in ouer town square so no extra lights or show elements will be used (sorry for my english im from Holland) Thanks dennis