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  1. Given the movie is out, I would like to turn some lights on early. Please share if you are still up for it. joseph dot guy dot white at gmail. Many Thanks!
  2. Awesome, many thanks for the confirmation!
  3. Generally each house is doing their own sequencing. I tested it with my house and the cul de sac, each with its own preview. I set up a sequence for each and saved with different file names; opened by sequences, and copy/paste the sequence from the cul de sac file to my house. However, the preview for the latter file is only my house and lights. It seems I need to build a 'master' preview for the entire neighborhood. Then open a sequence file and load that master. Thoughts? I've searched for this topic on the forum, but couldn't find anything. If there is another thread that seems to be slipping by search please let me know. Many thanks for the quick reply.
  4. I would appreciate any tips on having my neighborhood (small, cul de sac) sync on a LOR network. Right now my house and home server will run the software, play the sequence, and the audio to an FM transmitter. An ELL is mounted to an eave, connected through CAT 5 from the computer, and will broadcast to the other controllers. Honestly, that is the easy part. Each house has been assigned controller ID's in a certain range so that there is no overlap, and I maintain a list of which house has what. Every house does a mock up of their lights, and a preview is made in sequencer. Now, how do I combine all of the previews and sequences? Would I simple open each house's sequence file (complete with their controller ID's, etc.) and copy/paste into a master or neighborhood file, then run that? Thanks.
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