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  1. Hi Richard The one way I have found to change the address is under tools/channel property grid. One at a time, but it is easier than changing each id in the channel settings window in a sequence. As a note, I have each controller/ccr in a seperate track, much easier to delete a track if needed. Frank A.
  2. Good morning the projector light I use is the 'IMAGEPRO' from RAZTECH lighting bought a custom slide with my frquency on it. http://www.razlight.com/Image_Pro.htm easily viewable from 100-200 feet. http://mysite.ncnetwork.net/resrqteh/index.html 2010 videos show the projected slide (out of focus) the video was shot about 125 feet out. Frank A.
  3. Don't short count your ccr's they use 157 channels each Frank A.
  4. Good afternoon My experience shows different colors of white for different manufacturers with all RGB full on. See video on my site 'Silent Nite' where all white is used http://mysite.ncnetwork.net/resrqteh/id13.html left garage door Irradiant 6041 right garage door Irradient 6041 side of house Chauvet splash jr. windows Chauvet 4000 rgb above garage door LOR Color Cosmic Ribbon Don't know if this will help but it is still info. Frank A.
  5. I am not using this now but I have it saved in my LOR library directory Thanks Frank A. what about the how to from edndee?
  6. Absolutely Any info is always good I post how to's on my site Even if I am not going to utilize a write up I usally read it and file it away for future possibilities Frank A.
  7. Please tell me you forgot to mention this fact 'old one working' to your wife Still time to get a new one and dedicate old one for show control central Frank A.
  8. Hi Geoff Great display. Any chance of showing some 'how to' pics of your connections and info on cabling used for inter connections. Great job Frank A.
  9. [align=left] [/align] [align=left]I found this info in the manual page 14[/align] [align=left]http://www.lightorama.com/PDF/CR150D_Man_Web.pdf[/align] [align=left]A 3 amp 12 vdc power supply is required for[/align] [align=left]each 197” section of ribbon. This is because[/align] [align=left]the linear circuit board has too much voltage[/align] [align=left]drop to pass the necessary current to[/align] [align=left]successive ribbons. Without these auxiliary[/align] [align=left]power supplies, the LEDs further out[/align] [align=left]become dim and/or the ribbon may be[/align] [align=left]damaged.[/align] [align=left]4. Although the controller supports end-to-end[/align] [align=left]ribbons, they will not be sold initially due to[/align] [align=left]weatherproofing considerations. When we[/align] [align=left]find a way to do this reasonably, extension[/align] [align=left]ribbons and power supplies will be offered to[/align] use with your original ribbon. Frank A.
  10. That is one great ploy Hey sweetie, this old laptop of mine doesn't work but yours works great. Time for a new one for MEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Frank A. Send your old one my way lol
  11. Hi Aaron http://mysite.ncnetwork.net/resrqteh/ that is my site in Ohio. It has all of 2008, 2009, and four songs of nine for 2010. I will have all nine songs of 2010 posted as time permits. I highly recommend introductions. This year I had the wife announce each song. At least the listener will know whats playing. I enjoyed the effect. The 2010 show was 30 minutes. I am waiting for neighbors feedback whether that is to long. The 2011 display will have a different show every other day. One timing thought that I use is a couple of 3 to 4 minute songs with a 1 to 1 1/2 minute song mixed in. Thats my thoughts. It is your show and it is yours to do as you wish. Frank A.
  12. Good afternoon the S2 software programs the ccr. Download the manual and read, re-read, and re-read it again to get a handle on what is rquired to program it. I got my first one this year 2 weeks before lights on. Programmed it without using any of the cool canned programs that are available/included with the ccr units. http://www.lightorama.com/Documentation.html Two seperate manuals available. 2009 version and 2010 version Frank A.
  13. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas was that your secret wish? Santa delivered even if others didn't. Frank A.
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