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  1. Looking for a pre-made lights that display Merry Christmas in Spanish, Feliz Navidad, or German, Fröhlíche Weihnachten. I have seen them in displays and are pretty sure that they are store bought, not home made. They were about 12"*4' and made from rope light. Found them in an online catalog years ago but they were not available. Wonder if anyone can point me the direction to order them. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Jeff Do you realize the CCB are LEDS not incandescents? DId we ever think we would see the day that Jeff has LEDS.
  3. Loved the idea for color coding the spt plugs. I label everything but this would definitely make setup easier.
  4. You all have to remember that Jeff works for PSEG, our electrical supplier. There is probably some bonus that he gets if he can drive up our energy consumption. I did use blue leds for the first time and had to lower to intensity to 50% before I could tolerate
  5. It has fixed quite a few strings for me. I was wondering if the Light Keeper Pro would work on twinkle string. I have 4 strings on a 16 ft pool and portions are out. Of course I check and they all work worked before I put them up. I have tried the LKP but no luck. I am thinking that the twinkle bulbs do not let that surge though. Have not had any luck with the audible trace. I think I might have to buy new batteries. My neighbor think that the device is magic. It has fixed a bunch of thier strings. It just confirms their opion about the Crazy Light guy .
  6. I had my computer crash and had to rebuild the drive. I had save off all my sequence. I was hoping to just use the hardware software to turn it all on until I can get the link to download the SOFTWARE When I tried the hardware utility i got an error about missing OCX files. Downloaded the S1 demo and installed it. Now I am getting an error about missing digitalio32.ocx. I have the original driver CD that I got 2 years ago when I bought it. Any help on how to get the hardware utility working.
  7. Here are some picture using JRV's template Attached files
  8. I have used JR directions and created a Merry Christmas letters. I plan on putting them on the roof and they look very good. The hard part is finding the vinly coated 1/2 inches mesh. I could only find 25 foot rolls. The templates were laid out very well. I would use the design and then do some minor tweeks after getting them lit and looking at them from 50 feet. I will see if I have any pictures.
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