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  1. Thank you, beeiilll !! I've been trying to figure out if it was possible to create a 10 LED string (several, actually) to swap out the incans in my old-school candy canes. I've read several versions of what you posted, but all of sudden after reading yours, it clicked. I think I can do it, now! I don't know what the hold up from manufacturers is in making/marketing these individual candy canes with LEDs instead of incans. I see several versions of candy canes with LEDs but they are sets of 3 or more all connected together. Makes it hard to control each one individually, like I can with the incans.
  2. "I was hoping to grab some after Christmas for sale but shelves were empty by like 7am!" That's what happens when they start putting out Valentine's stuff the week before Christmas.
  3. Last year I had a squirrel hit one of the LED strings of c9s I had lining the deck. I couldn't find c9s at that point so I got a couple of strands of c7s and two days later the squirrel hit one of THOSE. It was only one light so I patched it up this year and put it at the end of the line and haven't had any issues with it so far. This year as we were leaving for the airport, I noticed part of one string had come loose from one of the trees after a pretty good wind and was touching the ground. Didn't think anything of it. We come back a week later and I can see that that entire string is out. I'm thinking I hope it's not a triac. So I go out yesterday with an extension cord to test the string and it's out, so it must be the string. I replace both fuses for good measure, still nothing. I have another string I can put up there for the last couple of days that it will be lit and start taking down the bad string. I find THREE missing lights right about where it was on the ground...chewed right off! I wasn't about to try to figure out how to fix all the loose wires, so I just put it aside to use for replacements for the other string. I'm still hoping the c7s on the deck make it through un-chewed!
  4. I used Cyberlink Platinum (I think it was Platinum, anyway) for a couple of work projects last year (one was the Christmas/Holiday greeting video the company sent put, so I felt pretty good about that!). I found it pretty intuitive and easy to use and there's a pretty active user community for templates and plugins, etc.
  5. I bought a Pixie II this year and had a bad ribbon. This is my second year with LOR and I had 32 channels on 2 GEN 3 controllers, and wanted to dip my toe into RGB this year. It was a little tough getting over the learning curve with a Pixie II that I upgraded firmware that I shouldn't have AND a bad ribbon. Once I determined it was a bad ribbon, I put in a helpdesk ticket and got the same great treatment as noted...they sent new ribbon with RMA for the old one that I received in 3 days, so I was able to continue working on it. With TWO working ribbons, I flashed the prior firmware as a last resort and EVERYTHING started working as expected. Been happy ever since. Now, the switch over to software Version 5 after the this season is likely to be another story.
  6. I added a Pixie II to my last year's display of 32 channels of dumb lights. Your existing sequences are not useless. Once you open a sequences, you need to scroll to the bottom channel, left click and click on Add Device Below. Select the correct device from the box that opens up. And you should see a new group of "channels", one for each port on the Pixie. If you click the "+" to open that group you will see the individual "channels." Are you running the Pixie on a separate network (with the red dongle)? If not, you need to. If so, you need to tell the new "channels" you added that they are on the second network. After that, I found some RGB versions of my existing sequences and just copied the "channels" I wanted from the RGB sequence to the new RGB channels in the existing sequence. Then just tweak them how you want them. Tip: SAVE WITH NEW NAME SO YOU DON'T OVERWRITE YOUR EXISITNG SEQUENCES. AND BACK THEM UP! Good luck!
  7. WOW light sequences are pretty much the same. Double click the .exe and it installs in the proper LOR location. If the music is included in the file there is nothing else to do. If not, you have to purchase exact specified music track and then link it by opening the sequences and assign the MEDIA file as in Richard Hamilton's post two up from here.
  8. I got my Pixie II working with the help and advice of Jr (THANKS!). I can't say absolutely that the core issue was the use of an enhanced network as I had to flash the prior firmware before ANYTHING would work. The cost to upgrade to the second network is really negligible in the grand scheme of the cost of these displays...the new dongle and another run of cat5. Right now I'm only running that one Pixie II on that second network as this is my first year into RGB, but I have a pretty good idea that it won't take long start running up the count. So, based on JR's advice I went ahead and did it and have had no issues since. I think it took me 5 minutes to install the driver and set it up. I reckon I'll be saving myself a BIG headache in the future. My advice; just do it. Sorry JR, advertising DOES enter in to it!
  9. I know there's one in Door County...only been to it once, though. We go there every summer and every other Christmas. I grew up in South Jersey, the HOME of the Drive In! There were at least 7 within about 10 miles of my house. You could always tell when one of the neighborhood families was going to the drive in...all the kids were in their pajamas by 6:30-7:00!
  10. I haven't had this problem with Christmas lights show but had it for outdoor movie night. I used to set up and outdoor theater for the neighborhood and after seeing the way the kids ran around, I picked up roll of yellow caution tape and ran it around the equipment (amp, projector, etc). The FIRST kids to arrive, started running around and one ran up to the tape, lifted it up, ducked under, ran across the front of the equipment, lifted up the tape, ducked under and ran off. It would have been faster to go around! I had to yell at them to NOT cross the tape. Parents didn't seem to care at all. I ran a little announcement before the show saying things like, please turn off your cell phones, no throwing things at the screen, don't poke your sister, sit still, no talking and one kid yells out, "You can't tell me what to do." Needless to say, we don't do outdoor movie nights any longer. Just seems to me that kids just aren't taught how to act in public anymore. And, yeah GET OFF MY LAWN!
  11. Just throwing this out there..... Are your data cables running in close proximity and parallel to the power cables? If so try separating them.
  12. Even though my display is small compared to what seems like MOST of the displays around the forums (32 channels plus 1 Pixie II and static props and lights), I have occasional cars drive by. I am the only one running LOR in the area that I know of, and my display seems larger than it is due to the size of my yard. I'm not sure what I would do if the local news showed up, but I don't think that's likely given my proximity to the city (DC) and other larger displays. There used to be a house 2-3 miles away that claimed 1 million lights, but I don't think it was that high. Although, flying in to Dulles Airport one year we could see it from the sky. And there used to be an entire street nearby that had lights on most every house but is now down to about half the houses with lights. And I'm pretty sure that a contestant on the Light Fight this year is drawing all the traffic, so I'm in no danger. And I live in a neighborhood that is basically three cul de sacs with only one way in, so traffic would be a problem. Like Caniac above, I do it for the neighborhood and anyone else that happens to know about it, and as I'm the first house, EVERYBODY sees it. So right now, I'm happy with that.
  13. If I had a dime for every time upon delivery of computer application I heard some version of, "it's exactly what I asked for but not what I wanted," I'd be retired by now. I'll keep the Startup Tab in mind in case what I've done doesn't work. But if the Startup Tab DOES work, it would make it bullet proof. It would allow you to add, delete or replace sequences without having to know the total duration, as long as you are within your start times. And I gotta say, I've got some suggestions for LOR to make that scheduler more user friendly.
  14. Closing the loop - I did indeed have the shows scheduled to END on the half hour so that they were 30 minutes in length. This morning I changed them all to be 25 minutes in length. I'll know tonight if it now works as I expected.
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