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  1. Impressive! Seemed like all the trucks showed exactly on time. Wish I had done a video of the guys that hung 130 sheets of drywall in my basement and cleaned up in 10 hours. But you probably wouldn't have seen much through all the dust.
  2. I'd check to see if you can send it back in to be fixed if you're not comfortable soldering.
  3. I started with 32 AC channels in 2017 and last year (2018) added the PIXIE II and two CCR 50 strips Cosmic Color package to create 2 arches and what I call a horizontal firestick. I thought it was a GREAT way to get started. This year (2019) I added a second Pixie II with bulbs, and a third AC controller. Once you see some sequencing examples, you should be able to pick it right up.
  4. I have two really good projectors now. I keep thinking about a third. I get on this auction site and a month ago or so there was an AV type place going out of business and I bid on lot of 4 pretty good projectors, but I missed the final minutes of the bidding. Turned out it got to a lot more than I was willing to spend. I need to keep an eye out for a good deal.
  5. Cool! See, already I'm stealing ideas. I already do the Grim Grinning Ghosts with a cheap projector (a toy really, but it works) and I turn my garage into a giant plasma screen (using a plastic shower curtain and some black plastic around it) and rear project one of those AtmosFX dvds. Now I have a second really good projector so I'm looking for something new to try. I tried using light weight gray netting to create an image that appeared in the middle of my graveyard and it looked great, but only from the correct viewing angle. Video editing is really fast and easy now. Have you tried using Cyberlink or similar to remove the background and make it transparent?
  6. Can I hang here if I'm only here to steal your ideas?
  7. Does it count if wife says that, instead of what I call a horizontal fire stick, she wants 4 arches instead of the two I now have and I convert the fire stick to two more arches? I consider that more of a "repurpose" than a "new build." So, I'm waiting for you come up with something really new that I can copy.
  8. Update to my Update Update... Officially dark. In-laws showed up yesterday so one last show on demand. Afterward, unplugged everything, turned off amp and FM transmitter. Shut down computer. STILL don't have any decent video. We tried to take a video AGAIN but there has not been more than 2 minutes without at least one car going by. Took quick stock while last show was running. Half of one mini tree is out, one deer head is out, one tree behind the Mega Tree is out, one of the lamp post bulbs a appears to have slid down inside the candle, and half of the string around one tree trunk is out. Oddly enough, I had two little trees and the smallest one was out from time I put it out there (and I DID test it before putting it out) and it actually (magically?) lit last night. Must have been the snow earlier last week. All the smart RGBs seem to have weathered the season with no issues. And the strips for my arches are in their second season, so, so far, so good. And inside, half of one string in middle of the fake Christmas tree is out so we just used another string. Then the day before our New Year's Eve party I notice the top string was burning pretty bright so figured it was on it's last legs. Which of course proceeded to blew out on New Year's Eve. Glad I have the incan AND led light fixers! Figure I'll give fixing things a go before replacing.
  9. Your ideas are safe for another year. We'll be out of town next year so I'm not likely to add anything new. So come up with something really cool that I can steal for the following year. Which is about how long it would take me to build it anyway.
  10. Still working on a video. In the meantime, here is a daylight picture.....
  11. Mine is today as well! We got about 3 inches. Most of it froze overnight so some rough roads this morning. Supposed to be even colder tonight and tomorrow but could hit mid 60 by Saturday. Go figure. Trugreen was rescheduled for today so I doubt they'll be out.
  12. Put them out until they figure WHERE to store them? That's pretty much where I am with my 10 new lampposts. Maybe I should just leave them out all year.
  13. My trees and shrubs were supposed to be treated today by TruGreen, it's been so green here. Until today, anyway. Federal Government here closed at 1:00pm.
  14. DING! DING! DING! WE have a WINNER! That was fast on the buzzer....are you on the Jeopardy Tournament tonight? Yes, onboard was OpenGL1.0 and because it is a refurb was out of support by Lenova AND the board manufacturer. I tried for a about week to update it but it was faster and easier to just put a minimum board in there that supported the OpenGL version for S5 and, thankfully, it can be upgraded as as it is from one of the major third party manufacturers. Still, it was a GREAT bargain.
  15. UPDATE to my UPDATE: Snowing here today, could get up to 3 inches. Wife wants pictures with snow on the ground, so there MAY be one more show tonight! Interesting diversion...yesterday I got one of those "last year memories" reminders from Facebook. It was a picture of my setup last year with snow on the ground and the caption that it FINALLY looks like Christmas. That was 1/6/2019. Maybe because it's leap year EVERYTHING is day later this year.
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