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  1. Agree with JR...take the savings....$40 will buy you LOT of incan lights, even before Christmas, at Wally world.
  2. Did you use software version 5 last year or upgrade from 4 this year? Just trying to get a feel for where you are in the process. By sequencing, do you mean to get the songs to play in order during the show or actually modifying the way the lights respond to the music? On a side note, I spent two years teaching at the Hill School!
  3. Yeah, I guess it would be a problem. In my case the computer fired up to Windows, so once Windows opened, it did the whole plug and play thing to configure the new card. It really sucks when a computer goes down. They always seem to go down at the worst possible time.
  4. OK, I missed that. I think yo got it right...try a different monitor and or port first, then a graphics card. I don't think there is any sense in a new computer until you know if it's the monitor or the graphics card.
  5. The graphics card is worth a shot. I bought a cheap refurbed computer that ran S4 no problem, but I couldn't even install S5 until I installed a cheap graphics card that could be upgraded to the proper version of OpenGL. So, install a new card or try to update the existing one (in my case I could not update the onboard graphics so had to install a new card).
  6. I'm pretty much the same way, except I use the pixels to accent my LEDs and wireframes. I might do more, but a couple of trees hide most of the front of the house, so you wouldn't see them. My neighbor has a pretty nice blow mold collection that I would LOVE to have, and he doesn't even put it all out every year. Wish I had more storage or I'd be picking some up! And like you, if they ever clear out the g3 AC controllers, I'd be picking up at LEAST a couple more! And if they ever clear out the ELLs, I'd be on a couple of those too (I know, I know, I missed out on them during the recent sa
  7. HI, All (AGAIN!) - Since I can no longer update/edit my original post under this similar thread title, I thought I'd re-post here with the updated data files included in one place. Here's my original post with the additional data files added where they belong. ----------------------------------------------------------- Since I have some time, and since I've had SO MUCH invaluable help here, I wanted to give something back. I put together an Audacity project file template that has a "show starts in X minutes" voice over placed at every minute marker for 5 minutes. I've also
  8. Thanks! It was a 10 year project...it NEEDED a GRAND Opening.
  9. No, it's the Audio Visual Sciences forum. TONS of audio, visual, Home theater (and home theater building!), equipment (receivers, players, projectors), movies,...just about anything to do with A/V. If you're interested, here's a link to my thread from ages ago now. I finished my basement into a Home Theater and had a BIG Grand Opening Party. This link will take you to the finished project. I did it all myself except hanging drywall and a buddy helped (ok I helped him) lay the carpet. Sorry, I used Photobucket to store the pictures and now they put the banners over them unless you pay (it
  10. @lanopie - Thanks for checking it all out for me. Glad it's working for you. It's a good thing I like you. And I have some time. I had to go to the AVS forums, dig up a thread from 2006 (2006!), read through 236 (out of 274) posts to find THIS: Greg O'Neil Pretty impressive work...he was the voice of Fox News (in 2007, anyway) and he also did the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean.
  11. @lanopie - Yeah, that's why linked to the mp3s. Silly me, I would have thought everything would be packaged together. Now I see the structure of where the data is kept. I uploaded the zipped file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nn1ozqtFBX_CJxO2wXWD3EsyJr2pNkI1/view?usp=sharing I think if you download and unzip to the 5 Minute Voice Over_data directory it will create e08 and d08 subdirectories and the data is in the d08 subdirectory, The e08 contains only the d08 subdirectory. The above is the one that contains only the voice over at each minute. I also upl
  12. My pleasure. Let me know if you have any questions.
  13. You don't have to have a jumbo tron to got to smart pixels. I started with traditional lights and now run 3 16 AC controllers and two Pixies IIs. I use one for arches and one to line the top of my garage and around the front door. I think once your wife sees them used as accents with traditional lights, she will like them. Good luck with your display. This IS an addicting hobby.
  14. I have some of those drive in ones, too. I grew up in south New Jersey, the home of the first Drive-in. There were at least 7 drive ins within 10 miles of where I grew up, so yeah I miss them, too.
  15. OK, now that I tried to download the files, it looks like the project files won't do you any good. I'll upload them as mp3's and yo should be able to import them and edit as yo wish. The only problem is that yo can't see how the tracks are laid out when yo add the background music. When you export as mp3's, all the tracks are merged in to two stereo tracks. Sorry about this, but again, feel free with any questions. "No good deed..." huh? EDIT: mp3 links: voice over only template: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jQ1dlH3Ps1ihpm-WibefeqnJwwkdfaRS/view?usp=sharing sample
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