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  1. Agreed 100%! I thought that was pretty clever contraption they built. Anyone else put out a Pirate Ship (with a suspicious Disney looking influence) at Christmas? Just curious.
  2. Not much you can do when they re-orient theirs except try to re-orient yours. Sorry it's such a problem for you.
  3. It might be worth checking/replacing the cable anyway. Maybe a critter gnawed on it just enough to cause a problem. Maybe add a signal booster. If it wasn't for the fact that they bundle everything now, I would probably drop cable TV. The whole original idea (HBO) was you're PAYING for it so there shouldn't be any commercials. Now look what it's become! I get a hundred+ channels and probably watch the same 10 or 12 and 4 of those are the networks that I could get for free anyway. And the only way to watch the Nationals is through cable.
  4. If you're already on S5, I'd be wary of installing the bug fix, too, unless it addresses a specific issue you are experiencing.
  5. I'd seen some other posts about problems that sound like yours, but I can't put my finger on them. Some suggested not using the Simple Show Builder and instead use the Show Builder and Scheduler. Apparently, the show builders were not updated when S5 came out, so there have been problems. I could be wrong, I'm working from memory here.
  6. The conversion will happen automatically when you open the sequences in S5. For now, if you haven't already created a Preview that looks like your light setup, you can select the Default preview (which won't look ANYTHING like your lights...just blocks of lights). What the lights look like in the Preview doesn't really matter. Setting up a preview that matches your setup just makes it easier to visualize everything and to track down any lights that aren't working the way you want them to. Once you open it, the first thing to check is that UnitID in the sequence matches the UnitID of the physical controller.
  7. tlogan

    Error message.

    There is a checkbox to turn on the control of lights in the sequence editor so that you can control the lights form the Preview. IT's way over to the right in that skinny column.
  8. Overall, I feel the same about the show. There is NO WAY I could compete, I simply don't have the yard. I think it would a good idea to create "tiers" of sizes and types of displays. And I'd like to see more about the setup and what really went in to setting it up. But most of the home improvement type shows have gotten away from that and only want to show you the finished product. And don't get me started on what America's Got Talent has become.
  9. Do you have an outdoor antenna? My in-laws in Wisconsin (well north of Green Bay) were having the same problem when the changeover occurred. My wife and I decided to pay for a new antenna. it turned out the Antenna was fine, there a break in the cable from the roof, and some of the connections corroded. They ran a new line and everything has been FAR better. If you have an outside antenna, it's worth checking. And you should be getting a better picture as the over the air signals are not compressed the way cable companies do. We pay for cable and get a compressed signal. Although lately it doesn't seem quite as bad as it has been. My guess is they are feeling the effect of cord-cutters and need to compete on quality.
  10. We tried that capsicum in the birdseed to keep the squirrels out. It's funny as heck the first time you get to watch them try it, but after their third or fourth try, it doesn't matter to them anymore.
  11. In S5, it's in the Prop Definition screen. If you double click a light in your preview or on a line in the grid configuration, it will pop up the Prop Definition screen. There, in the lower right corner you will see the Network, Unit ID, Start Circuit, End Circuit and Color. That is where you change it. The beauty of the Prop Definition and use of a single Preview for all of your sequences is that once you make the change here, ALL the rest of your sequences that use that Preview AUTOMATICLALLY pick up the change.
  12. "Ah... It's a profit deal." - Navin R. Johnson And whenever you go to a restaurant that offers free refills, DON'T BUY THE LARGE. That's how they get you!
  13. tlogan

    Error message.

    You said you purchased sequences....did you get the ones that can modified? Just checking that first. If you got sequences that are locked, whomever you got them from should be able to tell you the channel configuration. I think you should make sure all the controllers are hooded up, close the Sequence Editor (SE) and open the Hardware Utility (HU). There is a section in the middle of the screen at the top that says "Select Unit to Configure..." and right below it is a blank text box and a button that says "Refresh. " Click that button and wait a while. OR...you can first find the text box to the right of that that says "Max Unit ID." Enter the number in the text box to however many controllers you have and click the "Change" button. THEN click the "Refresh" button. That might speed up the fresh a bit, especially if there is a high number in Max Unit ID box. After the refresh is done, you will see the list of controllers that have been found on your network in the drop down box that initially says "Select Unit." Make a note of those and then close the HU and reopen the SE and see if your unitIDs in the sequences match the UnitIDs actually on your network. Since SOME of your lights work, they are probably mapped to a unit ID that matches something on your network and rest do not.
  14. tlogan

    Error message.

    Are you sure the assigned channels in the preview match the actual unit IDs? If you bought them used, the controllers' UnitIDs may have been reset to different UnitDs than what your sequences says. YOU can use the Hardware Utility (HU) to find out the UnitIDs of the physical controllers. I think another tip that is being overlooked in the S4 to S5 sequence conversion process to get going quickly is that each sequence can have its own preview. In order to get going quickly, when you open the S4 sequence in S5, you can select the option to create a Quick Preview and save it with a name that links it to the sequence name so you can know which is which. Keep in mind that it defeats the purpose of creating a single Preview and re-using it for every sequence, but you can go back and do that after the season.
  15. They are smart enough to figure out every "squirrel proof" bird feeder I've had except the current one and yet they couldn't figure out they're NOT berries after one try.
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