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  1. Thanks k6ccc. I did as the tree as a prop, so assume I'm good there. I read through JR Dibble's post on Pixies while digging through the forum on Friday, and believe I followed all the steps. I may try to go back and just run through it on a new musical sequence with just that prop to see if I can get it running. Unfortunately Dibble's post walks through S4 and I'm running S5, but hopefully I can figure out the differences. I'm located in Rossmoor, so at the 405/605 freeways by Seal Beach. May have to drive down to Glendora to check out how the pros do it!
  2. First time setting up a sequence, so bear with me. I purchased an LOR sequence, and appear to have everything working on the 16 channel CTB16PC controller (the lights turn on/off with the playback). I added a megatree prop to the purchased sequence but it's not lighting. I have a 12 strand, 50 pixel/ea, tree with a Pixie 16 controller. I used Network Preferences to set the network to 500K enhanced. I am assuming the CTB16PCg3 can run on the enhanced network, since the lights are functioning. Using LOR 5.2.0 with a Pro license. I tested the MegaTree in the HU, so at least know it was talking and the lights are capable of coming on. I may be a bit confused on how to add the prop to the sequence I purchased. Basically I used the previewer to add a prop that was a 270 Tree, and defined the number of strands and pixels. I assigned the first unit ID at 60, which was recommended in LOR documentation for a pixel tree, and made sure the dip switches on the Pixie were set to 60 as well. I do have the Network selected as Regular in the Device setting. Wasn't sure what Aux A-O were for, and when I tried Aux A I got a warning that my MegaTree was no longer on an enhanced network so I put it back to Regular. When doing this everything looks great in the preview file when I play it, just no actual lights. And yes, I do have Control Lights checked. I noticed that I can also add the Pixie controller in the Preview file, but when I tried that is just gave me 16 horizontal lines and I could not figure out how to make it look like a tree so I deleted it. Do I need to add the Pixie controller, or was adding it as a tree prop acceptable? Any thoughts on what I should try to make this work?
  3. Monsen

    Faces for You're Welcome Moana

    JR, if I could get a copy of your Moana sequences I'd appreciate it. monsen15@yahoo.com Mahalo!
  4. Monsen

    Help! With Connecting Computer to Controllers

    Thanks for all the feedback. I'll move forward with the upgrades and try again! Just don't tell my wife I'm spending more money on this already... Mr. P - As a fellow Army Vet, thank you for your service!
  5. Monsen

    Help! With Connecting Computer to Controllers

    Mr. P: The software version is 4.3.26. The license level is Basic Plus The USB485 adapter is black, it is not the high speed red one. Thanks!
  6. Brand new to this, and I've hit a wall trying to connect my computer to controllers using hardware utility. I purchased the LOR package that comes with the pre-built CTB16PCG3 controller, and I also have 2 of the Pixie 16D controllers. I have tried to connect all 3 to my computer using the USB 485 adapter. I've read the online instructions, as well as the manual that came with both controllers. Installed the drivers using the CD provided, then downloaded the CDM20830_Setup file and tried again. I've followed all sequences of rebooting, plugging in, etc. I've tried multiple USB ports on my desktop, and have tried 3 data cables including the cable provided by LOR. The controllers are powered on with green light blinking (red blinking on the Pixie16), and I have testing the controllers on lights and know they are functioning. The desktop recognizes the USB connection, but every time I run the Hardware Utility and hit Auto Configure I get the "Port Not Found" dialogue box. Once the dialogue box pops up, the Utility Hardware then becomes unresponsive half the time and I have to close the software. I've spent hours trying to figure this out and now feel like an idiot, so posting for some help before giving up till next year. Any ideas on what else I could try would be appreciated. Is there any way for the USB485 adapter to malfunction? Running a Dell XPS with Windows 10, with all updates as of last week.