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  1. It is actually a horizontal strip 16 pixel strings high... Will check those settings. thanks
  2. Second silly question of the day. I am pretty sure that in the past I could run a sequence in Superstar and have it control my pixel strings in DMX. I set my universes in Superstar but no activity when I play the sequence. I can export to the LOR sequencer and the pixel strings work which is not a major pain. I just want to confirm that I do not have a configuration problem in Superstar. -roger-
  3. I am exporting a completed sequence that displays correctly in Superstar. However when I export the sequence and play the sequence in the LOR sequencer the entire sequence is upside down. This also happens with purchased sequences as well. I am using a Pixcon16 set up to run DMX. I am keeping it simple at this point and running one universe per string. I have looked but am I missing an obvious fix? The sequence does play and activate the pixel strings properly. Just upside down. Thanks in advance -roger-
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