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  1. kdunn

    Starting out

    Got it! So if I strung mini trees in red and green I could put each color on a different channel and then switch between the two?
  2. kdunn

    Starting out

    For now.. That is way more my speed!
  3. kdunn

    Starting out

    Got it! So If I want items to look like they are changing color without getting an RGB controller I would just wrap it with both color lights and have them on different channels?
  4. kdunn

    Starting out

    Thank you all for your help for far! IF I wanted to get RGB color changing bulbs for the roof line, does anyone have a brand that works well with the software? I want to be cost effective but I also dont want to get LEDs this year and end up wanting color changing ones next year.
  5. kdunn

    Starting out

    Planning to get the 16 channel started set and have a few questions for all the light masters out there: Where do you mount the controller? I have all LED lights, do I need something different with my electric? Starting out with Roof line lights, 3 wrapped trees (each have 2 colors) and bushes. Does the controller just plug into one outlet? I have most of the lights that I want to use for this year but wanted to buy new lights for the roof line. Does anyone have a cost effective option that they love? Thanks in advance for all your advice!
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