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  1. I just want to say that I found this topic extremely educational. I've only gotten into this Hobby this past year. And I have been having such fun learning all this. But this right here will bring my displays to a whole new level. Thank you everyone
  2. ok so one of my props(my gutter line) is 1 long string with a total of 255 nodes my problem is not power and data as i have the proper power injection and data booster in place my problem is that DMX only allows for 512 channels max how do i program this in the s5 preview. because at the moment when i tell it that the gutter line will be on universe 20 it tell me start ch 1 and end channel 512 and then says carry over 253 what does that mean? does it automatically carry over to the next universe? this is the only prop that i have a problem with because the pixel count is so high thanks in advance
  3. So i know a lot of people share there sequences. But um having a hard time finding whole house pixel sequences. This is my first year. And i have bordered my house as well as all my windows. Also havemade a 180 degree mega tree. And a set of arches. I've looked around on here. But either I'm not looking in the correct place. Or there isn't a lot to find. Or if someone has good directions for converting 120v string sequences to pixel ones. I'm all ears Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me already.
  4. could i please have a copy, as well as instructions for use kd2bah@aol.com thank you
  5. OK so i couldn't wait till tonight. i have really bad ADHD the problem was i did not have the proper pixel counts in the string port configurations. thank you guys so so much. i cant wait to get everything up on the house and make my first full run.
  6. that's my plan for tonight what i am doing is basically making each one of my prop its own universe to make it simple. in theory if i tell the falcon controller that port 1(universe 1) has 84 pixels when i put it in test mode and plug 2 50 node sets into it(daisy chained) i should see the 50 bulbs in the first set lite up and then the next 34 bulbs on the second set. i know this might seem that i am over explaining it but i am doing it to make sure i understand it correctly.
  7. ok now i get what you mean. yes that is a great feature. i am having so much fun with all this.
  8. What does that mean. Maybe you could elaborate for me. What I'm getting is that I could use one port as two?
  9. In the interim and tips or little tricks about falcon you could share
  10. Thank you for all your help. Hopefully someone running 5 can chime in on this.
  11. Thank you Mr.P this was a great help. i got it all setup and working last night. but now on to my next issue. i got the controller to communicate and got lights working. here is my situation. im just going to only use one prop to explain this because no matter how i assign any prop i get the same result. the prop in question is a border(window frame)around one of my window it is 84 pixels in length the string starts at the bottom left of the window and goes clockwise around it. the problem that i am having is only the first 34(approx) pixels are lighting the rest are not. in tthe LOR software its defined properly as far as i can tell. and on the falcon web interface it is also configured correctly(slightly skeptical) any help would be great. ive attached both the sequence that im in progress doing and my preview file. God Bless the U.S.A.loredit Bates street Home.lorprev
  12. Thanks Mr. P Could you give me a basic setup of how u do the networking. Do you just use switches and static ip's for everything. Or do you use 1 router to dhcp it all and then use switchs. Thanks in advance
  13. Ok so im new to all this. This is my first year and im diving right into it. Im doing all pixels to start this year. I will be bordering my house and all my windows and doors. Im having a hard time getting the software to communicate with my controller. Setup is pc>usb dongle(LOR usb485)>falcon f16v3 Ive made my preview and added all my props. But i just cant seem to get the sequencer to communicate with the controller.
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