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  1. So it’s seems to have worked itself out. Not sure what it was could have been something simple like switching USB ports, or just restarting the computer and the programs. I’m running show time starter package with a mDC-MP3.
  2. So I was just going through instructions and tried using the hardware utility to creat a show and still nothing.
  3. So I think I deleted something I should not have. I have had zero issues loading and reloading my SD card and playing sequence through the MP3 player. I was down loading sequences tonight and couldn’t get it to work, so I deleted everything on the SD card then realized I had another flash drive plug in and every time I was downloading it was going to the flash drive not my SD card. So I removed the flash dive and tried to start over now they write to the SD card but when I plug it in to the MP3 player nothing no lights no music. I can see them when I load back on to the computer. Any help would be great thanks.
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