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  1. ~DOC~

    One Channel dim lights

    your getting all my thank you today Mr. P.........
  2. ~DOC~

    One Channel dim lights

    Believe it or not its working?????????? What in the world caused that?
  3. ~DOC~

    One Channel dim lights

    I'm switching 15 and 14 to just verify they are working. See if the issue follows the channel.
  4. ~DOC~

    One Channel dim lights

    Will this eventually affect other channels? I would think it won't be too noticeable until I get this resolved.
  5. ~DOC~

    One Channel dim lights

    How do I submit trouble ticket?
  6. ~DOC~

    One Channel dim lights

    Yea I played a regular sequence it was dim also. Not happy.....
  7. ~DOC~

    One Channel dim lights

    HU? Not sure what that is at the moment.
  8. ~DOC~

    One Channel dim lights

    Says completely ON
  9. Says completely ON. Sorry wrong post......ugh
  10. ~DOC~

    One Channel dim lights

    Sorry forgot to quote you to let you know I answered above...
  11. ~DOC~

    One Channel dim lights

    Ok as far as I can see Mr. P it’s 100% but again as you know I am a new guy. Maybe I am looking at the wrong thing. Could you tell me where to look so I can verify what I am looking at is correct?
  12. ~DOC~

    One Channel dim lights

    It turns off when it suppose to. But it’s super hard to see.
  13. ~DOC~

    One Channel dim lights

    Its so dim it appears off at a distance
  14. Finally have everything hooked up. I ran a test sequence to count the channels to make sure they light when they are suppose to. I have one channel (14) which gets power but the lights are so dim. At least I know it getting power. Just not enough it appears. I checked my sequence it is at full on. What else should I be looking at?