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  1. Love to have a copy glivingston.doc@gmail.com thank you
  2. Mr. P Ok I remember this where do I go to see this. It was if I recall 5. Something
  3. Ok so my show PC has S4 my new laptop I did S5. I was going to try and learn S5 but that didn’t happen. Life! Anyway if I revert this back to S4 will I be able to go back to S5 latter without having to pay the cash out?
  4. Hello all not been on lately. Been sorta a bumpy year. Not sure I will be able to incorprate RGB’s I bought for this year. We’ll see. Anyway who decides this song of the year. I am interested, never did last years but maybe this years got a lot of sequencing to do. Anyway never heard the HU song until now. Scratching my head about that one. But old time road was sorta cool. Should be able to hit the beats with the bells.
  5. It is not problem if it’s not a problem. I just hate using power when there is no need for it. I should reword my question. Do all you have fans on or is this really just a cheap PSU? I will check the wires, but like you say if the circuit is in the board it likely will only have two wires regardless. Regardless it will work for now. Just want to know how your PSU work.
  6. With all that being said should I be worried about the fan on. Obviously with me I am changing it out I would rather have one that turns on and off as needed. But is this correct or me being a newbie? Oh one other thing should or should it not be fused between the PSU and the control board. My thinking with automotive any time a circuit is added a fuse is added between the batt and the device. The PSU in this case is the batt so I added fuses to each side of the board.
  7. I saw only one that said that. Bought this as a recommendation. Is it normal for them to run all the time. Even on the stamped steel it says “This power supply is built in fan on/off control circuit. Fan automatically works according to working temperature” everything else seems fine it’s putting out 12.2 volts. Just the fan is always on. “
  8. Description Product Description Input Voltage: AC110V/220V Output Voltage: DC 12V Output Current: 0~40A Net Weight: 800gram Demension: 215*112*50mm Shell Material: Metal case / Aluminum case Safety Compliance: CCC / Rohs High price-effective, reliability with industry standards Built-in over voltage, over current, and short circuit protection Working Temperature: 0~40C Storage Temperature: -20~60C Ambient Humidity: 0~95% Non-Condensation Item Features: 100% brand new switching power supply transformer Unique cooling fans design Universal AC input / full range Auto-recovery after protection LED indicator for power on Design with Built-in EMI Filter, improve signal precision This Power Supply Unit "DOES NOT" come with installation instruction, wiring cable, on/off switch, or screws. installation of qualified electrician is highly recommended Application: Widely used in industrial automation, LED strips,LED display, CCTV security cameras,communications, etc. Package: 1 piece 12V 40A 500W power supply Features & details Switching Power Supply Driver, Convert 100V-240V include 110V/220V,12V 40A 500W Wide Range Voltage Input 100V - 240V,Over-voltage Protection:115%-135%. Choose 110V/220V before use Wide input voltage range, steady and precise output voltage, Shortage Protection,Overload Protection Action output cut-off Reset:Auto Reset or fuse, Inteligent device surge protection for While Shortage, Overload, Over Voltage Steady Voltage ouput power transformer for electronics, Led Lighting, home appliance etc 12V 40A 500W Switching Power Supply Driver for CCTV Camera LED Strip AC 100-240V Input to DC 12V https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077N22T6L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_8eDACbTAY39A5
  9. Well I received my PSU and finally powered it up. Immediately the fan kicked on. It’s suppose to be temperature regulated off and on. Supplier says it is always on. Box stamping says otherwise. I am wondering is this normal or as I suspect there is something wrong. A little new with these PSU’s so not sure.
  10. So when the time comes is it better to do rows on a mega tree?
  11. On LOR’s pixel tree package they do a fold? Looking into the future once I have this matrix done. I plan a tree next. A tree is nothing more than a matrix. Is the norm to run each string without a fold or with? Obviously since LOR tree has a single fold they make sequences for a fold. Just don’t understand why not for a matrix. Oh back in business hopefully I have something lighting up on the matrix this weekend
  12. Yea I am no programmer myself so it’s always been IF in doubt leave it be until you know otherwise. Another thing is making sure the ones you don’t want are not running in the back ground. Removing and turning off unwanted items saves me a load of headache. Lucky for me I been taught enough at my work what to shut off while I am using my PC to collect data.
  13. Yea I came to a stand still on the project. I did a lot of research instead yesterday and JR was right. Might be too much a hassle. So what I bought supplies for isn’t going too work so I am on standby until I determine what I am going to do. Quantifying the cost is one thing. I read through a few prop designs and it seems one row per port is the norm on the pixie.
  14. New PC’s have a lot of junk installed. You could carefully started uninstalling these programs. These will bog your PC down. I had 3 types of anti virus on my new PC I bought in November and a bunch of other junk games etc. I been uninstalling these and my PC is getting faster. They put this crap on there to get you to buy in. Be careful though.....
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