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  1. Hey Jim, Can you give a quick overview of the panels and how they are controlled? I have yet to move to pixels, but this might be a good place to take a stab at it... TNX CHUCK KF4SSX
  2. Will you consider a package price? Tnx
  3. Can you post a pic once you fire them up?? Tnx
  4. Which cubes are you using for those presents in the front?? Nice work on the tree!
  5. Try alt-TAB to switch focus to another window
  6. FYI. The latest version of Audacity has lame built in. The Software patent expired and it is now included!!! It works great!!
  7. I never get that lucky at the Thrift Stores! TNX!
  8. Which snowflakes are those.?? Very cool setup!! — CHUCK
  9. I know I’m a bit late, but I would love info on how you do your spiral trees!! —CHUCK
  10. Ok. If I don’t find some G3’s I’ll shout back!!
  11. Hey Scott, would you mind listing what you have left please?? Tnx. —CHUCK
  12. I would like a copy as well! Thanks!! carthur@mindspring.com
  13. I would like a copy as well. Thanks! carthur@mindspring.com
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