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  1. If still sharing could I please get a copy of the seq. Thank you. Also if you have Believe would be outstanding. Marty Zig32542@yahoo.com
  2. May i have a copy please? Thank you Zig32542@yahoo.com
  3. Hello, not sure what happened. I asked for a copy but did not end up using it. Im actually not the one that originally had it. Sorry i dont have it anymore.
  4. Zig

    Let it go

    I would like a copy please. Newbie this year 32 channels no pixels or singing faces yet. Thank you Zig32542@yahoo.com
  5. Could I please get copies Please Thank you Zig32542@yahoo.com
  6. Can I get a copy please as well? Thank you Zig32542@yahoo.com
  7. New to LOR myself I have 32 channels but sure would greatly appreciate it anything to start and learn from. Thank you Zig32542@yahoo.com
  8. Would love to see and use it please Zig32542@yahoo.com
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