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  1. PRICE REDUCED.... FOR SALE: Used USB485B with voltage booster and filtered USB cable. $30.00 $25.00 includes shipping to contiguous United States. If interested please send PM. Thanks, Ed
  2. FOR SALE: Used USB485B with voltage booster and filtered USB cable. $30.00 includes shipping to contiguous United States. If interested please send PM. Thanks, Ed
  3. I have (3) 30 amp CTB16PC pre-assembled controllers for sale that I purchased new in 2008. Used for incandescent for two years then LED to 2015. All three work well with no issues. Going to all RGB this year. (2) are V1 boards Ver. 4.32 software and (1) is V2 board Ver. 4.32 software (this controller wired with spt1 but have original pigtails included) $ 85.00 each or all three for $225.00 + shipping from Western Pennsylvania. Good price for a great controller. If interested please send PM. Thanks, Ed Slonka Jr.
  4. Sonoma, Sorry I don't have video but I used my LED flag in my Christmas display in 2012. I did a tribute to the troops with a Soldiers Silent Night and then I did a second song Proud to be an American in which I used the flag. I use an intro from the Demented Elf to introduce the segment. If it was not for our troops we would not be able to enjoy this wonderful hobby we share with others. Go for it and be proud you did! Ed
  5. Paul, Here is the physical data on the pixel I use. Hope that helps. Do not know data on LOR pixels. Maybe someone can supply if you do not have it. Ed Product Size:drill bit size .47" (12mm) max material thickness .18" (5mm), total height .91" base .84" (21.5 mm) x .79" (20 mm)
  6. Looking at Ray's store a lot of his 2811 pixels are 5v. So I have a feeling that will be the way to go.
  7. Dave, The ones I used are 12v. But as I ponder more pixels I am torn between the two voltages. They both have their advantages and disadvantages but will have to make up my mind when I lay out what I want to do for next year. Dennis, No I did not think about the C7. I liked the look of the GECE's and that is why I went with the C9. I would imagine you would have to adjust the neck on the C7's also being they are similar in construction. Ed
  8. Dave, Here is a picture of it installed. Check this thread on 5v vs. 12v lights. Taybrynn, I had to use a heat gun like this to heat up the neck of the cover and when soft pinched them down with pliers and then used a pixel to test the tightness and adjust as needed. They stay on real well without glue or silicon. Ed
  9. Dave, I bought these covers and used on these pixels. Here is a video of them in action directly under the center star. They are horizontal mounted on 1/2" electrical conduit. At a distance of about 25 ft. it is hard to tell them apart from the C7 led's I use around my windows and doors. I like the look and they have performed well in my display. Let me know if you have any questions. Ed
  10. Makes much more sense now, thanks Mike! Merry Christmas!
  11. Thanks Mike! When you say a DMX device, other than the controller, would that include the lynx dongle?
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