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  1. You were right. I took it off LOR ENHANCED and it works. Thanks so much.
  2. one appears to be g3 and other g2. the one i am trying get working is g3?
  3. Thanks, the controllers are probably 5 years or older not sure how to tell what version. I am using a red USB adapter but I only have one old controller hooked up without the others to see if it would work. at this point it is not. should the older controller work with the red adapter if it is the only one hooked up?
  4. i finally have my pixcon working. I have to older LOR controllers for regular lights. i am trying to daisy chain them with the pixcon. I set them up with the hardware utility. they previously were units 1 and 2 so i moved them to 20 and 21 since i have the pixcon. both control the lights in the HWU. I hooked just one up to the USB adapter to see if it would work first. Running on the LOR enhanced. I then closed the HWU and opened S5. i made a prop of one string of regular lights. I set the unit to 21 which is the controller and the circuits to 12 and 12 on the prop as that is the plug i am using. When i made a sequence to turn them on the lights do not respond. I have the listener running and it shows my com port 3 is hooked up. Not sure if i am missing a setting or what it could be. Thanks in advance for any ideas. Crunch time!!
  5. sorry just saw this. Guess it would make since to wire the light correctly to the match the board data and all. whoops
  6. not sure DI but the arrow is going away from the connection. Just got some bullet nodes from same company and they are doing the same thing? Really confused now. The original rectangle lights work perfect both in test mode on my pixcon and in S5 but both the ribbon on nodes don't? when plugged in the first pixel is pink and the rest are a solid color both in test mode and when controlled from LOR S5. Any other thoughts, thanks.
  7. I have tried two different strips and get the same result. It could be a setting but other RGB light work fine but just not the strips. I have tried different ports as well with no good result. Just didn't know if there might be a different setting for the strips versus the other strands of RGB? Thanks.
  8. Since everyone was such a great help, thought i would try again. My pixcon controller is working. I am able to control most of my RGB lights but i have a ribbon strip that is not working properly. I have tried two so probably not the strips but a setting. They are marked as RGB order which i have set. They when the controller is plugged in and i connect the set to the controller they light up immediately. i did notice the first pixel is a different color than the rest. when i put the controller board in test mode no change. Also, when i hook the board to the computer and try to control from the network config it does the same. It is a 16' length with three pixels per foot. any thoughts, thanks.
  9. Thanks video was great help and very good.
  10. absolutely, not sure were to start, thanks.
  11. thanks, to give a general example of what i am trying to do: lets say i have a string 10 pixels, all flash for few seconds, then pixel one and two go solid and rest flash for seconds, then 1,2,3,4 go solid rest flash and so on. Can this be done in S5? All i can seem to find is using the built in motions and not control each pixel. Again thanks.
  12. thanks. since i have S5 do you know if i can download S4 and use both? or Just S4
  13. can individual pixels be controlled in S5 or do I have to get SS
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