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  1. Thank you Jim for calling so late at night. Thanks also to Bob with MIIP and JR. I truly appreciate all of the help. Upon further investigation, I believe it may have been a pesky windows update that restarted my computer. Is there a way to get MIIP to start up when the computer restarts?
  2. I am out of town and I have been having issues with my show. The show was running fine and then for two days it was not running. I had a buddy go over and check the power strip to make sure an animal didn't turn it off by stepping on the switch. He said it was on. I had him turn the power strip off and then back on. The show worked that night. It has been running every night since then. Now it is not running again. I am at a loss. The control panel says that it is starting the show but it doesn't show anything else. (Usually it says what songs are playing). The comm listener isn't showing any errors either. If anyone has any ideas on how I can get my show back up and running that would be great. You can also call me at 541 990 8376. I can remote into the show computer from here but I can't do anything physically with the show until Sunday night or Monday. Thanks in advance for any help that you can be, I know it is a busy time right now.
  3. Ok....so thanks to JR I got my show up and running...if anyone else has this issue where the music is playing and no light effects, it most likely has to do with how you save the sequences. If you click save as, it unlinks the song from the sequence. Instead, just click save and then create the playback file. Thank you all for your help...JR, you are a life saver.
  4. Nope. I'm really trying to figure out what went wrong between the other night when I had issues and last night. I literally just made a new show with some of the same sequences. One thing I did do was make a folder for my 2018 christmas show like you had suggested and i put everything in there. I thought that might have been my issue so i took them out and tried it again and it still didnt work. I get home by 3:45 MT and I am going to be trying to figure it out so I can get my show going by 6 tonight
  5. Yes. I did open and play each sequence in SE and everything works fine in there.
  6. I used schedule editor too and enabled the schedule. It does the same thing. The songs start playing with no lights. I'm not sure about the color of the bulb in the system tray.
  7. I just made the leap to using a computer this year and have had more issues than previous years. What I did was make the playback files put them in the show editor and do an on demand show with it all plugged in to the rs485 adapter.
  8. I have 2 ctb16pcg3 and one lor1602wg3 as well as two pixie 16 controllers. One thing I didn't mention though is that I put together a short test show the night before last and it worked just fine. Then I spent sometime putting together my show for the season last night and that's when I had the issue. I'm not sure if it's a network configuration deal since the show worked one time and I didn't change anything. But I am happy for any help that you can be JR.
  9. How did you fix your problem?
  10. Issues...issues...issues... Now my show is producing sound but no lights. I put together a show last night and it worked just fine after I figured out all my issues. Now tonight when I put my show together for the season, the music plays but the lights don't come on at all. Please anyone help me. I am starting my show tonight (10/31) if I can get all the bugs worked out of it. Jim, you have been a huge help in the past, let me know if anything comes to mind. Thanks everyone, I know that this is a busy time for all of us.
  11. I think I figured it out...bad audio cable
  12. ok...now next problem....two of the songs you can barely/not hear the vocals. all the instruments are fine...just not the vocals.
  13. I recently bought a new computer. My show worked on the computer that I was using before (like 2 days ago). Now when I start up the show on this new computer, I am getting this error: ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Error playing media file: Windows Media Player cannot find the file. If you are trying to play, burn, or sync an item that is in your library, the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted. I already went through and made sure that all of my sequences were pointing to the correct location for the media file. Please help me if you can. I am trying to get my show up and running by Wednesday! Thanks
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