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  1. First year into this and I am thinking about purchasing a 20 foot mega tree kit from Christmaslighshow.com. My question is if my yard is not level will i need to do something to level the tree or just leave it sloping down. My whole yard slopes downward towards the street. I also wondered if I leveled it would that cause a issue with securing it somehow. Thanks in advance you have all been a huge help my first year. Halloween turned out great!!
  2. Platinumcd

    20 Foot Mega tree leveled

    I like that idea
  3. Platinumcd

    20 Foot Mega tree leveled

    I am planning to use 24.5 feet led mini light strands
  4. I would like a copy please platinum.cd@gmail.com
  5. Platinumcd

    Jingle Bell Rock

    I would like this also please. platinum.cd@gmail.com
  6. Platinumcd

    Xmas Rhapsody

    James I would like this as well if you dont mind platinum.cd@gmail.com
  7. Platinumcd

    Let It Snow Lady Antebellum Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    James, I would love a copy of this if you don't mind. Platinum.cd@gmail.com Thanks as always
  8. Platinumcd

    Using a shared sequence

    Thanks for all the help gentleman !
  9. I have two of these controllers and users on here were kind enough to share some sequences with me to help me get started. My question is if they were say setup for 4 controllers instead of 2 and I reset the id for my 32 channels but leave the other ones with out deleting them and I use the show will it cause a problem.
  10. Platinumcd

    Copy and paste

    Yes I am selecting the whole row. I will try these. Thanks a bunch !
  11. Platinumcd

    Copy and paste

    I am having the hardest time copy and pasting from one sequence to another. Looks like the timing is the same I have tried the Control C V option using yh buttons up top as well as right clicking and using copy and paste it just won’t copy it over to the other sequence I have started. Any ideas ?
  12. Hello I am considering putting up some lights on my roof line that could be used for Christmas and Halloween. I would have to get a lift to put up as tall as the house is, so I am thinking of some I can just leave up Oct through Dec but change the colors. My initial thought is something like a C9 light. I want something durable and that also has a color memory so it goes back to the last color when powered back up again. Thanks for the help everyone.
  13. Platinumcd

    Color changing Led light suggestion

    Very nice! . How hard is it to hook up a pixel controller to it after you cut the old controller off ? Do you have a picture of this by chance ?
  14. Platinumcd

    Color changing Led light suggestion

    I have never messed with any of these before I just thought with the memory it would know what color I wanted between Halloween and Christmas but controlling colors with the controller would be something I haven’t done yet. I just started this month with this process and have only done standard solid colored leds so far for a Halloween display. I don’t know about the othe options that’s why I’m asking.
  15. Platinumcd

    Color changing Led light suggestion

    I definitely want something that I can control with my sequences. Do you happen to have a pic or two you could send of what yours look like attached to the house in the daytime ? Thanks a bunch. Email is platinum.cd@gmail.com
  16. Platinumcd

    The sound of silence

    James, Could I get the standard version of this as well ? it is platinum.cd@gmail.com thanks as always
  17. Platinumcd


    Can I use one of these in Sequence Editor ? Or what program do I have to use it in ? I noticed it said lms and lcs I know that all of my music sequences have been lms.
  18. Platinumcd

    Looking for deadmau5 Moar ghosts and stuff

    I would love to have a copy of these as well if joy don’t mind. Please send to platinum.cd@gmail.com. Thanks
  19. Platinumcd

    This is Halloween and Thriller

    I would love to have both of these as well if anyone would not mind sharing. Please send to platinum.cd@gmail.com. I do not have any singing faces at this time but have 32 channels. This is my first year for this.
  20. Platinumcd

    Selecting sequence and song location

    Great idea thanks !!
  21. Hello I am setting up my first show when I go into the show editor it only shows the sample sequences how do I point it to the sequences I have already made ?
  22. Platinumcd

    Selecting sequence and song location

    Thanks for the info instead of just a link. Have a good one.
  23. Platinumcd

    Using a shared sequence

    Thanks for the help I will do that.
  24. I have 2 of the metal 16 channel pro controllers. I have never set these up. I noticed each one has two plugs for the wall. So my question is if I am running mostly led lights do I need the 4 supply wires to be on different breakers ? Do they pull that much ? In other words 2 wires to one circuit and the other two wires to a different circuit ? Sorry it’s so basic just trying to get started.