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  1. rdebolt

    DMX and ServoDog

    Thanks Jim. Understood and already done. Roger
  2. rdebolt

    DMX and ServoDog

    Thanks John, I can set limits within Xlights I believe. Have not played with it yet, but I do understand what you are saying. Roger
  3. rdebolt

    DMX and ServoDog

    With just some quick basic single servo testing this appears to be the fix! Thanks so much for the information John! I really do appreciate it! Roger
  4. rdebolt

    DMX and ServoDog

    Question John. So when you put 1 to 4 and 2 to 5 did you put 4 back to 1 and 5 back to 2 and use the rest as standard? Or did you just shift them all down 2 spaces to the left and leave the right of 5 alone? I am assuming that this is a different configuration as the normal LOR to DMX cross over cable. Correct? I appreciate the help! Thanks Roger.
  5. rdebolt

    DMX and ServoDog

    Thanks John! I will give that a try today! Roger
  6. rdebolt

    DMX and ServoDog

    I'm sure that this has been addressed many times, but I cannot find it. I recently acquired a ServoDog with and animated snowman. I can get the servos to work with the LOR usb-485 in the ServoDog hardware utility, but in the end I am trying to get the ServoDog to work with my Falcon V3 controllers using the DMX serial output.I have had no luck. For now I have put away the Falcon and am simply trying to get it to run with an old usb Lynx dmx dongle. I know that the DMX is being output because if I connect to an ac controller I can control channel 1-16. I have the ServoDog id set to 01. I am using Xlights to control. I have tried just a standard Cat5 cable and also an LOR cross over cable with no luck from either one. One note I can get Xlights to control the servos using the LOR setup and USB-485B adapter. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Roger
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