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  1. thanks, I had it configured all along, I did it as DMX Universes, but I am still getting incorrect lighting on my ribbons. I am still trying to figure this one out but it is driving me crazy.
  2. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I am hoping this is something simple that I am overlooking. Thanks for any help, I am totally stumped. I am trying to get LOR to recognize my PixLit Pixcon 16 MkII Smart Controller. I have ran this system for 2 years but this year the LOR software will not allow me to configure it. I am running my lights on a stand alone desktop with no internet or other networks connected to it. A static IP address, and an ethernet switch to my control board I am currently running LOR version 4.3.34. I uninstalled this version, loaded version 4.4.0 and tried configuring my controller with the same message, "Unknown Device. May need to update software" Uninstalled version 4.4.0 and reinstalled version 4.3.34. Same message. steps I have taken: 1. Set up Pixel Strips 2. connected them to the pixLite Pixcon 16 MkII controller 3. Configured the board with the Advatek Assistant software. All went well and tested the board/pixel strips through that software. 4. went through the LOR Network Configuration and click the find/configure pixcon 16 button, my controller shows up in the devices screen in white. When I click on the device in the list it comes up "Unknown Device. May need to update software." I have the latest version and the next to latest version, 4.3.34 and version 4.4.0, same message Here is a photo of what I am talking about. I have followed LOR's Pixcon troubleshooting guide to a T My network is working fine but the LOR software will not let me configure to LOR control It sends gibberish data to my pixel strips.
  3. Does anyone have a regular sequence of Carol the Bells by Pentatonix. Large channel count preferred but any channel count will do. Thanks Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  4. If still sharing, may I get a copy? Thanks Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  5. If these three are still available for sharing, I would like to get a copy of them also. Been looking for Hallelujah for some time now. Thanks Kevin my email is lorchristmas@gmail.com
  6. Hi Paul L Johnson, are you still sharing frosty? If so would it be possible to get a copy also? I have been wanting to do this song. Thanks in advance. Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  7. Mega Arch, If you are still sharing, I would love to get a copy for the reg lor also. Thanks in advance. Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  8. If any are still sharing this one I would like a copy please. Thanks in advance. Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  9. just wondering if anyone has an old standard sequence for frosty the snowman by jimmy durante that they would be willing to share? I want to do this song but just don't have the time to do a complete original sequence. I wish to adapt one to my setup, this would take less time to do. Thanks to all in advance. email: lorchristmas@gmail.com Kevin
  10. I am looking for Pentatonix Hallelujah sequence that anyone is willing to share. I want to do this one but am having a little trouble trying to get ideas of how to start. I just want to try to get some inspiration to get me going. Thanks. Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  11. got an email address, I'll send you my version if you would like Kevin
  12. I would love to see it. my email is lorchristmas@gmail.com Thanks Jim Kevin
  13. I was just reading this thread and would like a copy of pentatonix Hallelujah if anyone is still sharing. Thanks Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
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