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  1. Lots of changes in the RC World. I used to fly them all the time but with a 2 yr old, its getting tough to find time. I'm down to 1 Helicopter and 1 Plane. Plus moving from Orlando to Buffalo cuts the flying days in half.
  2. I fly RC Helicopters and RC Planes. 🛩️ 🚁 LOR is a new hobby I'm looking to get into.
  3. Does anyone know the timeline of the summer sale? Is it early summer? If I miss this sale I would have to wait till next year Thanks, AJ
  4. Facebook! Didn’t think about that. I’m just starting out I got the lights just need the LOR equipment.
  5. I just saw the email in my junk folder 😒
  6. So annoyed I missed the sale. I signed up for email notifications but I guess it didn't go though. Guess i'll have to wait longer 🤬
  7. Hello, I have 2 Questions: Do you make your own extension chords? While doing research I found you can get a spool of wire and connectors How do you waterproof your plugs? most of mine will probably under a layer of snow Thanks, AJ
  8. aja1216

    Beginner Lights

    One more question should I get dimmable lights?
  9. aja1216

    Beginner Lights

    Thanks for the advice. Gotta get to the store this weekend for lights
  10. aja1216

    Beginner Lights

    Hello, What kind of lights do you recommend? I have zero equipment, thinking of going with one of the ShowTime Central Starter Package. Planning to go out light shopping after holidays to find some sales. Thanks, AJ
  11. I move to Grand Island, NY from Orlando, FL last year (big change I know). We just got a house last year. I was always fascinated with these lights I see on YouTube. So here I am doing some research. 😁
  12. Hello, I'm very interested in this. I'm from WNY, I'm curious to see if anyone from the snowy states runs a show. If you have a video to your show I would love to see it as well. Thanks, AJ
  13. aja1216

    I want to start

    I was watching some YouTube and ultimately found this site a couple of days ago. I have a few questions: Can I use existing LED xmas lights? I have some that are single color and some that I can control the color. While running the show does my pc need to be hooked up to the controller? What is the LAN Cable for? Thanks, AJ
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