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    Light decorator

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    I love decorating for Christmas. I do a light show and I design, draw and cut (on Maslow cnc), and paint Christmas Yard cutouts. I also enjoy 3d design and printing.
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    I have always wanted to sequence lights to music even before the inception. Light O Rama sequencers have been a dream of mine for years.
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  1. I still need help. I can run the show from a pc but the mini director isn’t working. I have used hub to upload the sequences and then created the sd card. (I formatted the sd card beforehand). I can see the show and mp3 files on the sd card. I also ran all the mp3 through audacity. I need help really bad. Once I power it on I get nothing.
  2. Could I get a copy too. jamiemax911@gmail.com
  3. I have two problems. The first is that I have bought the pro version recently and it wants to save the file format in the loredit form. I used the show creator and it doesn’t recognize the loredit to upload the files to an sd card. It only recognizes the lms format. The second problem is the first lms sequence played fine but the second one had issues with the audio. The audio went into a loud screeching noise. What do I need to do to the audio to make it mini director friendly.
  4. Has anyone done the faces for The Christmas Story told by linus?
  5. This should be epic, can you please send me this one. jamiemax911@gmail.com
  6. Could I please get a copy? jamiemax911@gmail.com THanks
  7. Please send me this. My son wont stop singing. Elizabethmaxwell@att.net
  8. Hello James, Please send a copy, IYou are amazing. lizmaxwell82@gmail.com
  9. Thank you both. That answered my question and hopefully anyone else that may wonder the same thing.
  10. What Kim asking is if I bought pro on version 5.2.1 and next year they upgrade to 6.0 version. Can I automatically upgrade my software or do I have to pay the upgrade fee with the pro license.
  11. If you upgrade to pro do you get the updates for free for life or do you have to pay the upgrade cost on every major update.
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