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  1. keithandrews

    signing face

    does anyone have old school jingle bells please and silent night kfandrews2003@yahoo.com MERRY CHRISTMAS
  2. keithandrews

    Star Wars Christmas

    may I get a copy kfandrews2003@yahoo.com thanks
  3. keithandrews

    cbt16pcg3 controllers

    It's was a firmware update needed on controller thanks again all are up working now
  4. keithandrews

    cbt16pcg3 controllers

    I need help in the HU I can make both controllers turn light on but in the SE editor on the unit 1 lights up unit 2 nothing if I swap units numbers the unit 2 to now 1 will still not light up . where should I look even swap to a different unit still nothing ? even moved cat 5 cables around ,tried 1 at a time , if 1 unit is running a different version software 1.09 rest are 1.06 would this be the problem ? Well I also tried to controller both 1.06 and nothing at least 1.09 controller worked
  5. keithandrews

    Silent Night Temptations Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    may i get a copy please kfandrews2003@yahoo.com thanks
  6. may i get this please kfandrews2003@yahoo.com thank you
  7. keithandrews

    singing face OLD SCHOOL SONGS

    im looking for a few old schools christmas songs with faces for smaller kids form 50 60 70 years anything would be helpful thank kfandrews2003@yahoo.com MERRY CHRISTMAS
  8. may i get a copy please kfandrews2003@yahoo.com thanks
  9. keithandrews

    Sleight Ride Pentatonix Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    may i get this and all the Pentatonix face you done please thank and merry christmas kfandrews2003@yahoo.com
  10. keithandrews

    Good To Be Bad Pentatonix Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    may i get this please many thanks kfandrews2003@yahoo.com
  11. keithandrews

    Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph

    may i get those also thanks kfandrews2003@yahoo.com
  12. keithandrews

    calling all the monsters

    did anyone do calling all the monsters by A N T FARM this year sharing
  13. keithandrews

    looking for singing face to im your boogie man

    kc have you started the pure imagination song for christmas yet
  14. has any one done im your boogie man faces if so may i get a copy please kfandrews2003@yahoo.com thanks have a safe halloween
  15. keithandrews

    Pixel Sequences just for Tree

    may i get a copy please of converted one kfandrews2003@yahoo.com