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  1. does anyone have willing to share any sequence of a roof line for pixels so I can get an idea how to setup I bought 5 of the 100 set Original Cosmic Color Controller many thanks kfandrews@yahoo.com
  2. james may I get a copy of the happy birthday and is it with faces many thanks kfandrews2003@yahoo.com
  3. May I please get a copy many thanks kfandrews2003@yahoo.com
  4. May I have a copy kfandrews2003@yahoo.com many thanks
  5. Dose anyone have a couple of ghost busters singing pumpkin faces willing to share. kfandrews2003@yahoo.com thanks
  7. may I please get a copy thank you kfandrews2003@yahoo.com
  8. may I get a copy please and thanks kfandrews2003@yahoo.com
  9. so I saw a video on the new software for the sign face dose it work with s4 pro or do I need to up grade
  10. does anyone have old school jingle bells please and silent night kfandrews2003@yahoo.com MERRY CHRISTMAS
  11. may I get a copy kfandrews2003@yahoo.com thanks
  12. It's was a firmware update needed on controller thanks again all are up working now
  13. I need help in the HU I can make both controllers turn light on but in the SE editor on the unit 1 lights up unit 2 nothing if I swap units numbers the unit 2 to now 1 will still not light up . where should I look even swap to a different unit still nothing ? even moved cat 5 cables around ,tried 1 at a time , if 1 unit is running a different version software 1.09 rest are 1.06 would this be the problem ? Well I also tried to controller both 1.06 and nothing at least 1.09 controller worked
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