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  1. rondaxmas

    Christmas Vacation

    I just tried it. Channels 1 thru 10 are lit up as well as the star on the visualizer. But channel 11 shows a blue light, then 4 white, then a red, all on the bottom of the string of lights. Above that and for channels 12 thru 16 there is nothing lit up.
  2. rondaxmas

    Christmas Vacation

    Thank you so much. I am back on here trying to use the visualizer. It is dark again, what did I have to do to get the lights to show up, I can't remember. I was missing something. Thanks
  3. rondaxmas

    Christmas Vacation

    Hi James do you have one for Christmas vacation for a 16 ccr tree with a 6 channel star? I love that song, and Hallelujia and Amazing grace and Little St. Nick. Thank you . rondariley62@gmail.com
  4. rondaxmas

    New and need 16 channel sequences

    Hi James can you share with me, I have the 16 ccr tree and 6 channel star. If I can't get the star working on LOR I will just plug it directly into an outlet and keep it on all of the time . First year and I am excited! Thank you! Rondariley62@gmail.com So far I think I am the only one in Maryland trying LOR!
  5. I closed it out and started back at 40 and got it up and running. Thank you for you step by step instructions, could never, ever have done it without these. I want to run the 16 ccrs and a 6 channel star that I bought from Superstar lights. I bought the Show Time Central Starting package and a SD card, but wanted other songs, Is it too complicated to add the other controller to run 6 channels. The remaining 10 channels won't be connected to lights this year. If it is too hard to add another controller, I will just keep all 6 channels of the star on all of the time just plugging into an outlet. What do you think? Thanks again!
  6. Just watched a video on LOR sequencing to see how to get back. I used the add button for lights on different channels and hit play and the ribbons that I chose were coming on. Did I jump to far ahead. I think I need to get back to step or is there a way to see if my Pixi 16 is being used. Also If I want to buy sequences would I just paste them in at this point. I don't think I can make anything good on my own.. NO TALENT whatsoever!
  7. I think I added 16. How can I get back to the grid portion. The top of the screen has Track then it has Track 1 for the drop down, and then timings, and unnamed timing grid in that drop down
  8. It just had that screen up with the song title. It jumped to a grid with Unit 01.1 thru 01.16 with the numberr 1.00 . 2.00 on to the end of the music . I picked Rockin around the christmas tree and paid for it, so I can hopefully use it on the Pixi 16 ccr tree. Is there a way to jump back to the previous page or am I all set to go onto something else.
  9. thank you, I will do it now!
  10. on step 47, stuck....how do I select the audio file? am I supposed to have audio on here already?
  11. quick question, can I unplug everything and return later and it be there
  12. OH MY GOSH, you are incredible to be able right down directions for someone like me....totally computer illiterate! I can't wait to get to the end of this. Can't thank you enough for helping me. If I get stuck I will call you during your free time tomorrow. I was stuck in the bus loop at school today, took forever to get home.
  13. Thank you JR, I finally got to where the lights come on. I am at step 23, If I have to leave in a bit, and start back up in a few hours will everything up to this point be saved? Trying desperately to get out of a late night hockey practice for my son.
  14. Thank you, I am trying it again now. So far I got to the Pixi Configuration screen - farther than I got earlier! YAY! Not sure what pixel/count/resolution I have. It came with Pixi16 controller and 16 ccrs?