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  1. Mr. Morris, that was the perfect song! that is just what I was looking for in a song. Now I just have to see about adapting it to my show and calibrate the channels. it looks like it is more than just a simple 16 channel show, but more of a couple of different elements and areas of your house tied together. I cannot thank you enough. My daughter is going to be thrilled. What I am doing is making a slide show of all of her birthday parties so far and displaying it on the garage door during the song along with the light show. She will be extremely happy or embarrassed that she is on the side of the house. Mr. dibblejr, I have 2 singing reindeer faces that I would love to put to this song, if it is ok with everyone for passing this song along. Obviously I am new to the sharing of the shows, so I don't know proper etiquette. please let me know what you need from me. thanks to all who have helped and when I get the show all together, I will be more than happy to pass it along to anyone who wants it. ramsjrm
  2. I was thinking more along the lines of the Beatles for about 2:42 and then fade into a traditional Happy Birthday song with a simple 16 channel show and if adventurous throw on some RGB light programming around my house. unfortunately I am not a programmer and don't do any of my programming, so I rely on others to help me out. I know this should be an easy task, but just don't know how to do it. from the email responses I have gotten I believe there is a small interest in this to be done, but haven't found anyone to take on the task. if anyone finds one or the time to do it please let me know at ramsjrm@bellsouth.net . thank you.
  3. I appreciate it but I don’t think that is right for my little girl..
  4. Has anyone found a Happy Birthday sequence out there yet? I have looked everywhere and still cannot find one premade. I am just looking for a simple 16 channel show to make my daughter happy since we never decorate the outside of the house for her birthday on Christmas. thanks in advance.
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