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  1. Looking for a singing face sequence for Disturbia by Rihanna Bump in the Night by Allstars I put a spell on you Thanks! rachelsisk@hotmail.com
  2. Can I please get a copy as well? rachelsisk@hotmail.com
  3. Can I please get a copy too! rachelsisk@hotmail.com
  4. I am new to my Pixie 16 2d and was reading through the manual and it indicated that you can only have 100 bulbs per port? Or is it 50 per port and 100 total? Can you hook up two strands of 50 and if so how do you control the second string or configure it in hardware utility? (Can you even test it in HU?) And if it is only 50 how do you get around the issue with length- say I wanted to run bulbs across my house and need more than 25-50 feet of lighted length?
  5. My apologies for not understanding your question. I attempted to answer many of these questions to the best of my abilities. Perhaps LOR isn’t for me. Thank you for your time.
  6. When I go into the sequence editor I cannot click on control lights.
  7. The 4 channel controller is a CTB04-PC-ELL controller. As for the 16 channel controller- I bought it several years ago, before the plastic case ones came out, not sure of its model number. My network is close to as Mr. P described Computer>USB485>CTB04-PC-ELL> ELL> ELL> 16 channel controller. Can I use the CTB04-PC-ELL and link to the other box without the extra linker? I believe I have everything set to regular net work speed. When I added the CTB04-PC-ELL to my sequences, I just added the 4 channels individually and set the Unit ID and Channel number. It has been so long since I added a new controller, so maybe I forgot a step in that process? Also new to the wireless and easy linker, so there was a bit of a learning curve with that.
  8. Computer to 4 channel (which can be wireless) controller via RS485 and cat 5. Then that controller has a light linker pair to the 16 channel box outside. Unit ID of 4 channel controller is 3 while the controller outside has ID 1. Advanced level license and version 5.1.4.
  9. I am not sure what is going on. I have a 4 channel controller plugged into my computer (Microsoft Windows 10) and an easy linker to a 16 channel box outside. When I run hardware utility I can control everything. When I try to run a sequence or even just an animation the 4 channel box won't do anything, but the 16 channel box works fine. Any suggestions?
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