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  1. Very Nice William, love your web site its always been inspiring and helpful.
  2. Well done we dont get to see to many Easter displays I sure hope you have more lights for Christmas so you can leave all the eggs on the one you modified, nice work
  3. Dale J wrote: Ok e681 is the controller e131 must be the software protocol sorry about that no edit button
  4. Does it mater how many in a string, i had a demo string also and tried splicing it with a diferent one so i could controll it but it only addresses some of the lights but it will let them all fade different colors.i will be ordering on of the e131 controllers or what ever their called if the will controll several strings
  5. one word " AMASEING " ok two words " LOR GOD " Thanks George for all the great videos.
  6. great job looks fntastic i only wish i could catch them on sale,
  7. Dale J

    Lousy Weathermen

    ya by looking at your mega tree you might just be thankful it didn't go over, you know old man winter is unpredicktable, glad theres no serious damage, have a great week. any links to videos of your display?
  8. Nice job William,it looks like you must have a couple of controllers for the channels your running. will look forward to seeing the hole building lit up next year.
  9. very very cool, is that done with the new S3 software?
  10. sorry i didn't look that close wrong Don Thanks Don, yes i have and Ive got it already i just need to get it registered now,Those LOR folks are fantastic. these are the leds i got from you, thanks again all work good i have one red led out on the board that you had the jumper on, did it have a bad trace?
  11. one more with 5 lights attached i have 50 foot of cat 5 run to each light and yes its not weather proof i put all my boxes in heavy plastic bags Attached files
  12. this is how my wall washers looked after getting them mounted in there housings Sorry, I'm not sure how to get more than one pic on one post Attached files
  13. well i finely got my dc board mounted in its home, i used an old alarm panel box and power supply, 3 amps should be enough hopefully, sad thing is when i went to test it my old Sony seems to have bit the dust, i do have most everything backed up but i don't have a license copy on this lap top, so i have sent in a request for my license key so i can get re-situated, I went with hard wiring of the lights for now, but if i can find some reasonable priced plugs i may add those to the cat 5 cable, i just have to unscrew them now when not in use, here are a couple of pics Attached files
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