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  1. I have a Holiday Coro 16CCR Tree with an AlpaPix controler and I am running S5 Advanced with 16CCR add on. In my preview it works fine and then I hook it up and it recognizes the controller but will not play the sequence? Do I need to upgrade my software to something else or what do you think the problem is. My universe are correct and looking in DMX list in LOR it is correct and the box is set up correct. Maybe an issue with the prop set up IDK.
  2. I have the short one but need a Long version capps.charlie@gmail.com
  3. I am looking for the Singing Faces if you have those please. capps.charlie@gmail.com
  4. If it takes them 2 months to come and change out a bulb my thoughts are they going to come and take the trash bags off everyday that I put them back on?
  5. I have few different sequences that I am cutting and pasting from and it there a way to just delete some rows in the front of the sequence to make it line up I don't want to mess with the song timing because I have other props like a sub sequence with my CCR tree that I was going to add.
  6. I climb mine and put 4 black trash bags on it. Lol
  7. You and James are awesome I wish I could pay both of you for your work
  8. Thank you sorry to keep asking for stuff but I new lol capps.charlie@gmail.com
  9. Thank you I got it this time. Now all I have to do is get James to send me the other files then I will be in business
  10. I didn't get anything on that one you sent me the Owl City on and just now the Moana
  11. JR I never got the singing trees on this one will you please try and send again.
  12. Looking for How Far ill go Please capps.charlie@gmail.com
  13. Looking for 64 channel and singing trees and 16ccr tree and matrix if anyone has it. Thank you in advance
  14. This will be a great hit this year thanks for the packet if you could. capps.charlie@gmail.com
  15. I am looking to do this whole song this year so if you have the whole sequence can you please share that also. Thanks for sharing capps.charlie@gmail.com
  16. I would like a copy please capps.charlie@gmail.com
  17. capps.charlie@gmail.com Thank you for sharing
  18. I would love a copy Thank you so much. capps.charlie@gmail.com
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