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  1. I make my own wire frames. I get all my clips from Christmas-leds.com. one problem will be is the size of the wire the frame is made from. They do sale the 1/8 clips. most store bought wire frames are the 1/8 wire.
  2. There not much difference between the 2 wires. if you have a clear insulation most people use it for speaker wire. I have seen some wires with the copper and sliver wire. The reason for that is when you hook up some speaker systems you want to make sure that you are hooking up positive to positive to get the best sound out of the speakers. I use some that wire when im replacing lamp cords that been damaged. here is the difference between the 2 wires. SPT-1 and SPT-2 wire is the thickness of the insulation surrounding the copper wire. SPT-1 wire has a thinner insulation than SPT-2. 18/2, SPT-1 wire has an insulation thickness of .030″ and 18/2, SPT-2 has insulation that is .045″ thick. there both are rated for 300v . Most the Christmas light run 22 gauge wire anyway. the big thing is what you want to use as far as the color of the insulation. You can get it in so many different colors. I hope this will help you. Also if you have a local electrical store you can take to them, most the time they will help you.
  3. Here is where I've been getting my SPT 1 www.wireandcableyourway.com. Its $27.00 per 250'. last yr I have bought 1000 feet. it works great for extension cords or I use it to splice into my light cords to extend out the plug. That way i don't have to make and keep up with so many cord. i found out that you can have as many boxes of cords as you do lights strings. plus when I roll up my lights i don't have to mark or keep up with which cord goes where.
  4. I have order 1000 feet I used almost 750 for my Halloween display. I ordered 500 feet at a time my total with shipping was $78.20. I would split my wires ant the plug and solder in the wire so I would have to make as many drop cords. it is a better quality the what Lowes, Home Depot and some local electrical companies. I haven't had any problems with it even on nights it rain. before i bought any wire I search the web for a few weeks to find the lowest prices.
  5. I found this company they have 250 for only $27.00 that's the cheapest I have found SPT-1 wire. https://www.wireandcableyourway.com/18-2-spt-1-lamp-cord-300v-250-ft-spool.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImeT7u9W13gIVDNbACh309gd0EAAYASAAEgLyFvD_BwE For the Vampire plus that really depends on how many you want Christmas-led.com is also a good place that's where I get mine
  6. you should be able to get all form either place. The steel wool came from my sister in law yrs ago. she was paying Terminix to come to her home. He told her about it sorta cut his on foot but she never had any new friends visit her.
  7. Look at McMaster Carr, they have plates for data cables form 1 to 6 connections. can all so look at Allied Electronics they to have a large selection of cables and cable management devices. there is all so a site called Graybar Electrical Supply. All 3 sites have really low prices and great quality. the company I work we order from all 3 places depending on the needs at the time. One thing is when you drill a hole though the outside wall. When you get done running all your lines. use steel wool to fill in the rest. This will help keep and unwanted guest from coming in to your home.
  8. This year is my first time using a light controller system. I also looked to find how people built there arches. I couldn't see making them with sleeves and all. where I don't have a lot of controllers I made my arches with 4 channels per arch this year hoping to make them 8 next year. what I did was laid out the 10 foot piece of 3/4 pipe and divided it by 4. drilled holes and zip tied the lights and had my daughters turn it as I held the lights. I seen where people would pile lights on I only used 100 count LEDs per channel. I think they look great. as for my star tower I used 2 inch pipe mine is only 5 foot tall with 4 strings of lights I did red then green then red and green. I welded up a double star to have 2 channels on the star. so with 2 arches with 4 channels and I star tower with 6 that covered al most a controller then I added 2 homemade trees to go in the middle of the arches. I too would love to go with pixels in the future but just starting out with Light O Rama controllers. I want to learn how to build and start shows before just jumping right in to RGBs. I'm not sure if I helped you any.
  9. I am new to LOR and light controllers. I just purchased 3 controllers and a FM transmitter. it didn't come with no software. so I when ahead and ordered a new basic controller system and got the advance software. I have been trying to work with the software as I can. I just wonder if anyone has ant simple Halloween and Christmas sequences that the will share with me so I can get a understanding with how it all works. I haven't got into the RGBs just yet. that will come as I get more better with what I have. I have a lot better equipment for Halloween at this time. I have a layout with all my channels for each controller. so I would appreciate any help that the LOR world would give me. Thank you house laayout new.
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