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  1. This year is my first time using a light controller system. I also looked to find how people built there arches. I couldn't see making them with sleeves and all. where I don't have a lot of controllers I made my arches with 4 channels per arch this year hoping to make them 8 next year. what I did was laid out the 10 foot piece of 3/4 pipe and divided it by 4. drilled holes and zip tied the lights and had my daughters turn it as I held the lights. I seen where people would pile lights on I only used 100 count LEDs per channel. I think they look great. as for my star tower I used 2 inch pipe mine is only 5 foot tall with 4 strings of lights I did red then green then red and green. I welded up a double star to have 2 channels on the star. so with 2 arches with 4 channels and I star tower with 6 that covered al most a controller then I added 2 homemade trees to go in the middle of the arches. I too would love to go with pixels in the future but just starting out with Light O Rama controllers. I want to learn how to build and start shows before just jumping right in to RGBs. I'm not sure if I helped you any.
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    I am new to LOR and light controllers. I just purchased 3 controllers and a FM transmitter. it didn't come with no software. so I when ahead and ordered a new basic controller system and got the advance software. I have been trying to work with the software as I can. I just wonder if anyone has ant simple Halloween and Christmas sequences that the will share with me so I can get a understanding with how it all works. I haven't got into the RGBs just yet. that will come as I get more better with what I have. I have a lot better equipment for Halloween at this time. I have a layout with all my channels for each controller. so I would appreciate any help that the LOR world would give me. Thank you house laayout new.