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  1. I've used LEDs from Big Lots for two years now. There are a couple of problems. The bulbs are replaceable meaning that they are not water tight. Was checking my sets out from last year and found a couple that had rust in them. I did have a couple of sets go out last year, but most have worked for two years no problem. I have LEDs from Home Depot from a couple of years ago as well. I did a fade test in my garage for a week. I set up a couple of fade sequences and just let them run 24 hours a day for a week with no problems. I think my biggest problem is corrosion. We get a lot or rain in December in North Carolina. I think you'll be ok with those LEDs, but they won't last "20,000 hours" or whatever if you get much rain. TomD
  2. Dan, You pretty acurately described what happens to me. It always seems to be that the grid scrolls up one line. It does not scroll left or right. It happens just as I click the mouse. If I try to select channel 3, as soon as I click on channel 3, the grid scrolls up and my click ends up being on channel 4, the one below I was trying to select. It doesn't seem to matter where I am at on the screen, top, bottom, middle, side, etc. I am using the latest version of LOR (can't remember the #, I'm at work). It has happened with every version I have used since day one, back in 2005. I am using Windows 2000 on a Pentium 4 - 2.4 Ghz Hope that helps.
  3. Dan, Yes, this is exactly the problem I am having. It happens with me all of the time. It's been happening for over a year. I'm available for any input required. Thanks,
  4. Just for the record, it happens to me as well on a pretty regular basis.
  5. stanward wrote: I've had a couple of the walmart minis that had issues with either the wire pulling out of the socket or out of the plug. That happened with 2 strings I bought this year. I've never had that problem before. Hopefully it is isolated. As far as shimmering LED's, I've stayed away from that. Just fades and dimming.
  6. I bought LED's last year from Home Depot and Big Lots. I wanted to test them to see if they would last using fades. I set up an animation sequence and had it fade some channels up and down, both slow and fast, several times per minute. I plugged in a set of each kind of light and turned it on and let it run in my garage for a week. I calculated that they were fading something like 15,000 times per day. so I figured if they lasted that way for a week, they would be okay. They did, so I included fades in my sequencing for my channels that have LED's on them for this year. As of today, I have had no problems with my LED's. I even used the ones that were part of the test and everything is working just fine. The only lights I've had any problems with were my Walmart mini's that I bought this year at the last minute.
  7. TomD

    CTB16PC Kit

    I had never really soldered before, although I am mechanically handy. I've put together 4 of the pc kits (I even had my 12 yr old daughter helping to solder the last 2 together!). No problems. Easy to do. I also use the boxes from the broadband store, but I use the 13 x 9 boxes. They need a little modification (very little) and work very well. As far as output cords, I happened to find a large box of 12' cords with green spt2 wire on sale at home depot for about $1.00 each. I cut the female ends off and used them on my controllers. I bought SPT2 female plugs from Action Lighting and SPT2 wire and made custom length extension cords. Keep your eyes open everywhere you go to find deals like that throughout the spring and summer.
  8. TomD

    lor users in NC

    I don't know about everybody else, but at this point my schedule is pretty full until after Christmas. I've only been home 1 night out of the last 8 to even watch or take care of my display. It looks like it's going to be that way until after Christmas.
  9. TomD

    lor users in NC

    Can't make it Saturday. Multiple things going on. My son has a basketball game, kids are in the Cary Christmas parade, going to dinner and A Christmas Carol Saturday evening. Life is way too busy!
  10. TomD

    lor users in NC

    Al, I was just talking about setting up something for us to get together for coffee or something like that. It would be good to get together face to face and discuss our displays and share ideas.
  11. TomD

    lor users in NC

    Al, I'd be interested in that. Maybe you should be in charge of setting that up!
  12. Colors will work just fine. The only problem with 3 colors on an arch is the amount of lights you're wrapping and the amount of channels you're using. 3 colors, 7 channels per color per arch, 4 arches, thats .... where's my calculator.......that's 84 channels for 4 arches with 3 colors. That's 5-1/4 controllers just for arches! I guess it depends on how deep your pockets are!
  13. I used 10' pcs of 3/4". I have 100 lights per channel with 7 channels per arch. It worked out pretty well for me. I actually only covered about 8 ' of the conduit, but I wrapped them pretty neatly and pretty tight. I like the look of 7 channels on these arches. They are fairly small, but are the right scale for my house. Richard Holdman uses 9 channels per arch, and I believe he uses 200 lights per channel. His arches are considerably larger than mine. I think he uses 2 - 10' pieces. He may cut some off of the end and make them 16' or 18' long. But again, they are the right scale for his house and his display. There are many ways to do it. However you do it, the look of the arches is awesome and no one without computer control can really do this. It's something your neighbors will never do without LOR.
  14. TomD

    lor users in NC

    My display is in Holly Springs, about 20 minutes Southwest of Raleigh. I want to go check out Scott's display this weekend if I can find a few minutes. We have about 16,000 lights on 64 channels with 7 songs. I'm still trying to figure out how some of you do hundreds of channels and 50,000 lights or more! As long as it took me to get mine set up, I can't even imagine.
  15. I've been using the scheduler in a basic way, scheduling a Musical show with all of the songs listed in order, and an Animation show before and after the Musical show just to have the lights on for a while. I'm interested in how others are using the scheduler in a creative, outside of the box kind of way. Is anyone doing anything that is out of the ordinary, i.e., different from what I'm describing above? I'm curious if there are things that can be done that many of us are not thinking about.
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