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  1. I've got nothin'...I have never used the verifier!
  2. I just did a test to see whether the Control Panel gives you an error if your compiled files under Light-o-Rama > LORInternal > Playback can't find your audio file. If the original audio file can't be found (in my case I renamed it) the Control Panel gives you a bunch of error messages when you run the show On Demand from the Control Panel. Are you getting to the point where your 3 files are compiled i.e., the xxx.play.lms and xxx.play.lms.lcs and xxx.play.lms.pe.lid files have been created?
  3. I just followed direction in this post: Although I don't have a separate machine for editing and showing, it cleared up how the new S5 version is working.
  4. Not sure whether your issue is the same, but I found out after reading this forum that sequences are now compiled, and resulting compiled files are placed in a new directory. In any event, mine seems to work now.
  5. That is where I currently have all my songs. Do the sequences files themselves have to be in a specific directory? I have them all in separate sub-directories Thanks!
  6. I created several sequences in S5 and they control lights and play audio fine when I am playing in the Sequence Editor. When I put them together in a Show, I get no audio. What directory does the Show Player look to for audio files? Many thanks.
  7. Thanks JR. One of the most problematic aspects of this issue is that they are failing over time, typically a few days apart. Actually, when I originally got them, I tested them all and had to return one. Now that I am doing a "burn in" I am seeing them failing slowly. I'll work the warranty of course, but who knows whether they will keep failing after my burn in. Never had an issue with CCRs!
  8. Yes, these are CCPs as delivered from LOR with the unmodified Pixie 16. I measured the power supply voltage and it's just a hair over 12 volts, so that does not explain it. These were ordered a few months ago. You would think others would be having this problem if it were a bad batch, but who knows. What is LOR warranty? Many thanks.
  9. I am doing a test run of a 16 strand Mega-Tree using Cosmic Color Pixels with a Pixie 16 controller. I am finding that every few days, another pixel seems to fail with the result that all of the rest of the pixels down the line are not working. The failed pixels seem to be pretty random in their position in the strands of 50, but always it's the pixels closest to the Pixie 16 that are still lit after the failure. As you can imagine, this is a pretty disturbing and expensive problem. Has anybody seen this happen to them?
  10. Sounds like it's worth trying on a Pixie 2, so if I blow it up, the loss is not so great. The follow-on question would be...does the data signal get regenerated between the point where it enters the CCR at one end and leaves at the other end? My underlying hope here is that if adding more CCRs in series does not add more load at the output of the Pixie, then you could get at least 6 and maybe 9 or 12 CCRs controlled by a single port, as long as you had a separate 12V supply doing the powering of the CCRs wherever necessary. What do you think?
  11. My understanding is that you can address up to 170 pixels from each port of a Pixie 16. I have successfully controlled 150 pixels from a single port using three CCRs in series with an injection of 12V at the junction between the last and second to last CCR. Seems to work fine. Here's the question... Can I run two or more CCRs in parallel connected to the same Pixie 16 port? If it works, obviously you would get the same lighting on one CCR that you get on the other(s), but can you address multiple CCRs using the same data wire output? If so, what's the upper limit of the number of
  12. Holy smokes. Sounds awesome. bobmoore528@cfl.rr.com Much appreciated.
  13. Would really appreciate a copy! bobmoore528@cfl.rr.com
  14. Thanks all. I was looking at parametric directional speakers because I am decorating my dock in a boating community. With standard speakers and volume down, sound will not be heard over the noise of boat engines. Many boats of course do have FM radio, so I think the FM Broadcast is a no-brainer. Still looking for something that can be heard over boat engines but not disturb neighbors on the other side of the canal...
  15. Has anybody tried using directional parametric speakers rather than FM Broadcast to minimize complaints from neighbors while making sound available to your admiring audience?
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