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  1. Holy smokes. Sounds awesome. bobmoore528@cfl.rr.com Much appreciated.
  2. Would really appreciate a copy! bobmoore528@cfl.rr.com
  3. Thanks all. I was looking at parametric directional speakers because I am decorating my dock in a boating community. With standard speakers and volume down, sound will not be heard over the noise of boat engines. Many boats of course do have FM radio, so I think the FM Broadcast is a no-brainer. Still looking for something that can be heard over boat engines but not disturb neighbors on the other side of the canal...
  4. Has anybody tried using directional parametric speakers rather than FM Broadcast to minimize complaints from neighbors while making sound available to your admiring audience?
  5. Thanks Brian. Sounds like S5 is the way to go. I've got a few months now before Xmas to learn it!
  6. I created a bunch of sequences in PE last year and would like to run with new SS sequences I will have this year when I add a 16x50 Megatree. Can you merge intensity files from PE with intensity files from SS in SE? Thanks for your help LOR experts!
  7. Thanks all. Sounds like a safe path is to stay with S4, but I'll ask this question again in 6 months...
  8. I have a network composed of 100% CCR-IIs with a Pixie 16 and Pixie 2. Will likely expand to additional CCPs this year. Using S4 software right now. Should I upgrade to S5? Are the bugs out yet? Thanks.
  9. Now that Xmas is over, I would like to take down most CCRs and Pixie controller, but leave up a few CCRs. Is there a good way to protect the weatherproof connectors for 11 months? A cap of some sort would make sense, but I don't see one in Light-O-Rama store. Thanks for help.
  10. Jim, I see all your sequence files are in the >Sequence folder. Mine are in individual subfolders, which might account for some of my problems with Show Editor. Do all sequence files and intensity data files need to be in the >Sequence folder? Bob WA3LLK
  11. Looks like I have a multi-level error problem... I updated the sequences in Show Editor, per your recommendation, but now I realize that I am having a problem with some of the .mp3 files not being accessed when I run show on demand. It works fine in Pixel Editor. See attached. Many thanks.
  12. So the Show Editor plays the contents of the tabs concurrently rather than sequentially? It does not do Background, then Startup, then Animation, then Musical, etc?
  13. Thanks to all who have helped answer my previous questions. I have created several animations and musical sequences using the Pixel Editor (I have only CCRs). They work fine with my Pixie 16 when I turn on "Control Lights" and run them individually. When I put them together using the Show Editor, I have problems. I created a show using one animation sequence under Animation Tab, three songs under Musical Tab and one Animation under Shutdown Tab. When I use "Show on Demand" in Control Panel, it skips the first animation, goes right to the music, and the lights only flash occasionally. I have each of my sequence files and .lid files stored in separate folders. Do I need to store everything in Documents>Light-O-Rama>Sequences to get it to work properly? Many thanks.
  14. The requests just keep on coming...Could I get a copy as well? bobmoore528@cfl.rr.com Many thanks.
  15. Pixies don't come with a switch. Should I just leave the Pixies plugged in for the entire month of December, or should they be unplugged when not in use?
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