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  1. Just thought you would like to know: Did some testing of these same LED lights from Sams club and found that their are 6 of these pieces of plastic about 1.5-2" or so. The strand appears to consist of three 30 led groups with 2 pieces of plastic about 1.5-2" or so in each group of 30 configured in parellel. I removed the plastic and found that it was hidding a 750 ohm 1/2 watt resistor. I could not find any diodes of any kind. It appears that they are using the LEDs like a diode. Also if one led goes out that group of 30 goes out. :X Otherwise the price was right and they do work.
  2. Has anybody had any problems with the fog from fog machines damaging grass or shrubs? I plan on using commercial fog liquid. Also does it cause the side walk to become slippery?
  3. Any word on the "Chime-O-Matic" that was mentioned by lightoramajohn in June? I thought it might be nice to program it for the carrol of the bells. John
  4. I have found that CAT 5E is a better cable in that it will pick up less noise from electrical lines and fixtures. Each twisted pair has a different number of twists per inch. Also on longer runs it appears that their is less line loss. If you need a tuffer jacket use CAT 5EP.
  5. Thanks Dan for the help. 3 times I had to confirm order before it went through.
  6. Dan: When I checked out the sales price wasn't on my invoice. Only the full price showed. John:)
  7. OK So EDM seems the way to go. Now where is their web site? I tried EDM, EDM transmitters and a few other combinations through google and got everthing but what I was looking for.
  8. Thanks for the mod info. I purchased 2 Tune cast II with damaged cases for $2.00 each and they still work. :]:]:]:] Their loss my gain.
  9. Are heatsinks and Enclosures available by them selves from LOR? I goofed on my last order and forgot to also order these two items. John
  10. I've noticed several model are available from the e-bay site. Which transmitter did you get from china? Has it been stable? John
  11. What mods did you do to the tune Cast to increase its power?
  12. I have observed that many LOR users are using FM transmitters to get around those who don't like listening to christmas music. What makes and models have shown to be dependable and within a fair price range?
  13. Tried this type of tubbing only for it to flex in the wind.:? I am looking for a local well driller though to see if his offering would be better. I think that what has happened in the past was that the pipe would freeze and then the wind would start blowing. Even a brace/guys didn't help.
  14. Have tried PVC 1 inch pipe to make my arches only for it to break when we have a cold snap/freeze. The distance between the legs is 10 feet and I'm using 20 foot sections of pipe. Metal doesn't seem to be the best material to use.
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