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  1. KBK

    circular tree

    Thank you James and JR I appreciate it!!
  2. KBK

    circular tree

    lol. I can build it no probs...I evens have the lights and the extra controller...all this sleeping in a nice queen bed. lol Drives my wife crazy, but she knows it makes me happy, so therefore she is...now getting the lights to go in the circular pattern back and forth...now that is what is gonna drive me insane!
  3. Very Cool...Pretty new to this still. Not sure if this is in bad taste but do you guys sale copies of this sequence?
  4. KBK

    circular tree

    Hello. I am about to buy a second LOR controller to use only on mega tree( homemade). Is there anything else I would need to get the circular pattern where it goes back and forth etc...I know stupid questions but still new. I ran a 16 channel last year and loved it and had so much fun. Love the look and the designs of the tress. I am not doing pixels or rgb's yet.
  5. lol never mind I got it...I did not create my show.
  6. Hello. I am new here and need some help. I have created sequence but when I go into show schedule it will not recognize it. Like it doesn't exist or it hasn't actually saved it...Any thoughts? what can I do?
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