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  1. Does anyone have a sequence for Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys they would not mind sharing? cnixon1012@gmail.com Thank you so much!!
  2. Would really appreciate a copy if this is still available!! cnixon1012@gmail.com
  3. I am new to starting with a 16 channel package. Would you mind sending me some first year sequences as well? cnixon1012@gmail.com
  4. I am about to purchase the Showtime central starter package. I know this package only has 16 channels and am curious if this is enough? Most of the sequences I have looked at are way more than 16 channels. I just want it to look good even with 16 channels. I am not planning on any major structures to build with the light show. I currently have 1 large tree I string lights on. Other than that, everything on the house is outlined. There is some decor in the yard as well that will be in a channel. Currently I have a light show controlled on a device. It's similar to a Mr. Christmas except this is 6 outlet controlled on an app. Essentially, is 16 channels enough for a good show? Anything I should know prior to purchasing? Will most likely purchase within the next week. Thanks in advance for any help.
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