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  1. Thanks so much! This will do just what I need it to do.
  2. They were originally RRRRWWWWBBBB etc., but it would be nice to be able to do it either way. I also have an approximation of the American flag on my matrix, and it would be cool to have that light from top to bottom as well, without manually having to fade up each row.
  3. Hi, I'm new to the forum, so if this has been answered elsewhere, please let me know. I have a red, white, and blue motif set up on a string of CCBs, and would like each bulb to be "revealed" one at a time to create the final effect. For years, I've accomplished this using macros, but would really like to move away from them, as I find them difficult to use, and I run my show on the Showtime Director, so there are glitches that appear from time to time. At the moment, I'm experimenting with S5 to run this year's show, and I know that if I were using a single color, I could achieve my goals quite simply, but it's the custom color combination (created pixel by pixel with Superstar) that's causing my head to spin. In an ideal world, the Superstar file would be used on the left side of the Motion Effect Generator, with a ColorWash set to black on the right side. I could then use the Dissolve_Left_Right function of the Mixer to reveal the pixels gradually over time. I'm sure I'm missing something elementary. Is there a way I can achieve this?
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