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  1. I used regular clips i got from HD after Christmas 2012
  2. I installed the new driver last week on a windows 7 64 bit machine an haven't had any problems yet.
  3. mf123 try these, http://store.lightorama.com/12pafu15afaa.html straight from lor's web site. being from ny you should have them in 2 days.
  4. Troy If you opened the LOR Hardware Utility program via the LOR Control Panel an the Enttec Open is setup correctly with Comm Listener EXE running/opened you shouldn't be able to do a Refresh Unit. You shold get an Error message saying the Comm port is busy.
  5. L.L. If your LOR usb adapter is still set to "dmx raw" an you have the LOR controller plugged into it then the HW wont find it.
  6. Its funny as I was typing my original response about the plastic box being water i was thinking of adding the line "of course this doesn't mean you can mount it underwater in your pond" but i assumed that went without sayin. I have one sitting on the floor of my growhouse that gets soaked at least 10 minutes a day from march to november an twice a day during the summer. I have another between my mistbeds which run 10 seconds every 10 minutes, 6 to 12 hours a day without a single problem.
  7. Jack Mair

    Dancing Arches

    Donald Magelssen wrote: Donald, your arches look great..
  8. cenote wrote: HAHAHA,I'll have to give that a try.
  9. Hello I wouldn't recommend a plastic bag as it will cause condensation inside it. If you have the plastic controller then just hang it as is,they are watertight. If you have a metal controller then tilt it forward when mounting it. Keep in mind i just lean mine up against a post. Another tip for the chicago guys add you location to your profile so as we all will know where you are from. It colud help you get more localized assistance. I promise its not so someone can come steal your equipment. Welcome to the forum.
  10. BrianC wrote: You are correct you can control this valve with a wallwart using a LOR controller or by using a LOR controller with dual AC inputs an a 24 volt transformer. Hook up the transformer to the fist 8 AC/DC doggle side an the 110 to the second 8 AC doggle side. I use these methods to control serval flower beds an mist beds. I intend to try to use these with a water feature and some RGBs this summer.
  11. Jack Mair


    I got this last year off his site. He did ask if you use it please pay for it. I too wish i could figure out how works his magic. Heck. I'd be happy if i could figure out how to use LOR Attached files Jingle-Bells-Test-Holdman-Sequence.zip
  12. Jack Mair

    Hi everyone

    Hi Matt Welcome aboard and Happy New Year
  13. Jeff I rode my your place last night, its a good thing you told me about the icicle lights otherwise i would of never recognized your place. I went by you buddies house on forkked landing road or whatever road its on and his place was jumping. I thought i knew how to get to your place from there but ended up driving around your development. It seems everyone is in the Christmas spirit over there. Its very festive looking.
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