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  1. Hi Brian. I have tried using "force row/column" but found it didn't work for me. I don't think I was doing it for all props so that is probably why it didn't work. The New CCP added is the old visualization and the Christmas 2017 is the new visualization. The main thing that I changed was the layout of the snowflakes at appear to be on the roof. They are actually on the front of the house in a cross pattern but there just wasn't room when I started building the old visualization on the front of the house, so they are on the roof. I also added the bells over the garage doors. Moving things around only effects the sequences I open and then possibly export to SE? If I do not update any previous sequences, nothing will change unless I open them and sequence in the new props? This season I have been just adding the new props (bells) to the old sequences in SE. Then creating my new song sequences in SS and the usual export. I was being an idiot and changed the visualization in the middle of sequencing the first of two new songs. Then I created this issue. Thanks for the help, I think I have it now. New CCP added.lee Christmas 2017.lee
  2. Hi all, maybe this as been asked and covered but I didn't have any lock in searching. I have added a few items and change the location of some on my visualizer and now when I open existing files on Superstar the sequencing is turning on the wrong lights from what was turning on in the existing sequence. Is there a way to import the new visualization and use it for existing files and have no channels screwed up? I would like to sequence the new props and not have the old sequencing changed. I have had to redo a couple songs with the new visualization and found that the sequencing grid locations of the props has changed but the channels locations that are on or off have not changed. Thanks
  3. Thanks Brian, just hoped there was a way to save having to do that every time. I appreciate all the work you put in Superstar. It makes my sequencing life much easier. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.
  4. Each time I open a sequence I am working on in Superstar, the frequency chart at the top of the screen disappears. I have to run 'create timings' each time I re-open a sequence I have been working on. This is a screen shot from when I just opened a sequence and there is no frequencies shown under the timing selection row. I had the frequencies showing when I saved and closed the file the last time I was working on this sequence. This is a screen shot from after I run 'create timings' and all the frequencies, according to the timing map appear. This is what I would like to see each time I re-open a sequence. What can I do to keep the audio frequencies showing???
  5. Hi again Brian. I started all over again with a new visualization, exported that to SS, sequenced some text and exported that to Sequence Editor. I have no idea what I did different from before Christmas but this time around it all worked and looks good in the visualizer when I run the file in SE. Hope your Christmas and New Year celebrations went well. Thanks for your help and thanks for SS. I use it all the time for sequencing my show.
  6. Hi Brian I tried things again and nothing appears to work when I look at it on the simulation with Visualizer. I can't even read the text on Visualizer, it just looks like garbage. There is text going two different directions. Can I send you the files and you can take a look as see what I have done wrong?
  7. Thanks Brian. I have been looking at things again and found that I had selected CCB's and not CCR's. I change my layout to be CCB and I am much happier with the way it looks. Yes I had to slow it down as well. Once I get the matrix built in the new year I will work with this much more so I can really see what it looks like. Thanks
  8. Thank k6ccc and Brian. The layout I am thinking of for 25 x 12 pixels is to have the pixels at 2 inches apart form each other in a 2 inch by 2 inch matrix. This would give me a matrix approx. 4 feet by 2 feet. My reasoning for this large matrix is because we live in the country just off of a major highway and our driveway is about 1/8 mile long. Most guests drive in the yard to view the show but we do have some that sit on the side of the highway. We would like everyone to be able to see the show and the sign. I also do not want to cut and splice any of the strings to make a matrix. The plan was just like Brian mentioned for the layout, I just was not having any luck with the layout and how it looked when I tried to run a simulation. Thanks again guys. I appreciate your help.
  9. I have three CCP controllers and would like the make a matrix sign out of them to run text across to give in formation to the light show guests. The matrix would be 25 pixels by 12 pixels. The first controller would be on the lower right as it would appear from the front of the matrix. Should I be using SS for this or PE? Which is easier to use and sequence text with? I have worked with both a little success. Most of my sequencing is done right now with SS and I have not used PE at all, just learning. I have watched some of the tutorial views on PE but not all of them, so I am still learning. This is a new prop I want to build and start using next season so there is no rush but I would like to figure it out and get the programming set up in the new year. Please assist in how I need to set this up in SS or PE. Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas.
  10. I see this topic has been around for a while and I am not sure if this is the place to ask this question. I have not noticed any lag while using the enhanced rendering. I have one issue that I can not seem to resolve. With the enhanced rendering on, when I play a sequence the lights no longer are in the correct positions on the rendering. The picture in the visualizer is larger than the screen and when I added the fixtures I had to scroll left or right to add them. When I view the rendering, the picture changes size to fill the display window but the fixtures do not match the size of the picture. The light are then showing in different locations offset from the actual locations they should be on the picture. Please help or point me in the right direction to find the help. Thanks
  11. Please send a copy to me, thank you for the work you have done on sequencing this one. kmohr@sasktel.net Thank you
  12. Hi again. Messed around with the image tool for a while tonight but this does not work for what I would like it to do. I should have mentioned that I am using 2 pixel controls configured with 2 strings on each. These will outline the eaves on the front of my house. I would like to be able to fill them from end to end with one color then fill from end to end with another color (overwriting the first) and so on and so on. Also make it fill from left to right - end to end or left to right - end to end, or from the ends to the middle or from the middle to the ends. Using the image tool like you have shown me works great for a tree or a matrix but not for RGB devices in a straight line. Thanks anyway.
  13. This looks exactly like what I am trying to do. I will mess with it and try a few things. Thanks for the head start on doing this, I wasn't having any luck on my own.
  14. Thanks I will have a look when I get home from work this evening. Great display, I have watched a few of your videos. Nice job.
  15. Wow, is there no one doing this with a cosmic color device? No one interested in finding an easier way of doing this?
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