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    one of my friends has a lor system
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  1. graham2017

    Grease The Movie Mix Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    if u are still sharing I will take it as well ilovelakestclair@gmail.com thanks
  2. graham2017

    This years must have sequence - Chicken Attack

    omg please tell me u have a sequence for this lmaooooo
  3. graham2017

    looking for a few sequences

    thank u all very much I have one more I am looking for as of now if any one has it TOTO- RAINS DOWN IN AFRICA
  4. graham2017

    looking for a few sequences

    looking for standard 16 channel sequences 24k magic -Bruno mars what does the fox say- yelvis flashing lights- elie goulding boom boom pow- black eyed peas highway to hell -acdc zoot soot riot- cherry popin daddys love shack- b52 never gonna give u up - rick astly I will be forever in your debt if any one has this one or will make it for me my email is ilovelakestclair@gmail.com and any others that would fit this song pro file I have a big show coming up in a month in my local town where u put as many light on your boat as u can( I am using a 2018 45ft Monterey) and u drive the clinton river in Harrison twp Michigan and the whole town judges as they party at the bars houses and marinas along the river its about a 3 hour ride total on the boat and I am the only one running a lor controller on a boat there are no prizes its all for community fun I really want to go all out this year and take first place thank u in advance and again any help is appreciated ps the pic is how I had the boat last year with no controller running this year I will be running the controller and the hull sides will be decorated as well
  5. graham2017

    Lights By Ellie Goulding Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    I will take a copy if still avaible please ilovelakestclair@gmail.com