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  1. Mr P, I tried everything you said and still not working. I am not sure if my existing lights (ordered years ago) are WS2811. I just ordered some additional WS2811 lights. I will try again once they arrive. Stay tuned
  2. Mr P. Yes, I am testing everything in hardware utility. I took a pic of the screen but the file is too large even when zipped. The PC is able to see the Pixie 16 in HU How I tested I have 2 RGB strip lights in port 1 and port 2 (small 3 foot sections) In LOR control I have changed the color to different colors and hit the test button I have also tried every Pixel Type option in Cosmic Color/Pixel Config. I am sure it is a setting that I have not figured out, but for the life of me (and 5 hours of playing with this thing) I cant seem to crack the code. I cant get the lights connected to the Pixie 16 to change colors or turn off. Just constant on and the color is blue. Hope this helps I have taken a pic of the HU but this forum only allows for files less than .5MB. Even zipped the pic is over 1MB.
  3. Mr P. Thanks for the response. I updated the profile. I am using 4.3.26 and License level is Pro
  4. Hey all. New to LOR and this forum. I recently purchased the LOR Pixie 16 and have connected it to my PC with the appropriate cables. I was successful in getting my PC to recognize the Pixie 16 and installed 1 RGB light strip to port 1. The light strip is getting power (color is blue) but I am not able to get any other color working. I have searched this forum but cant find anything on Pixie16 install. If you can point me in the right direction or can message me directly, I would appreciate any help possible. Thanks!
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