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  1. Got it working! Honestly have no clue how, but apparently the two controllers were getting each others signals, and I just flipped the unit ID's around, and it worked! Anyways, thank you for helping --kennan
  2. Tried that and it screwed up my sequencer, so I just reverted it.
  3. I have gotten everything down to the pin, and yet the matrix still takes input from the first arch I have? I tried to look for any coloration between the two channels that are "conflicting", and I cant find anything in common.
  4. Pixie 8 for the 6 arches I have, pixie 16 for the 16-string pixel matrix.
  5. Sorta tying into a post I made a few months ago about the confusion with the start/end circuits, and here we are again. Ok, so I need help with assigning the unit ID's and start circuits to my pixel matrix (the first string of the pixel matrix) It is instead receiving data from my 2nd arch I have, and I see no coloration or reason of why so. Any help would be appreciated. Pixel screen prop definition window: https://gyazo.com/5dcbed875ec4f8ab42f1f9231c2afef9 Pixel screen prop definition of the arch that the string is taking data in from: https://gyazo.com/4c28a2f3b87f3d41472cc8b159ec01c8 --Kennan
  6. I will double-check just to be completely sure. The status LED is stuck on solid, even when unplugged from the computer, and my computer doesn't receive input from the board in the Hardware Utility.
  7. There was oddly enough not a single fuse blown, kind of ironic.
  8. Thanks for clarifying! Sigh of relief I dont need to wait a month for a new controller to come in. Just to be sure, would there be anything else that shorted/blew on the board that I cannot physically see? --Kennan
  9. I have a Pixie 16, and when plugging in a connector to port 3, there was a spark, some smoke, then nothing. the 5209 transistor right about the Rama in the Light-O-Rama text on the board was burning to the touch, but nothing else was hot to the touch. Is it possible to replace this transistor with some soldering, or must I buy an entire new controller for $300? --Kennan
  10. I am having trouble understanding how to use the start/end circuit properties in the preview display. I have no clue what to do, and I've read everywhere and no luck really. I know for normal lights its pretty straight forward, but these pixels are killing me. My preview is full of channel conflicts from the start/end circuits, and I have no clue on how to fix it (except re-assigning a network, which is just a short temp. fix). Could somebody please give me an explanation on how to use start/end circuits w/ pixels? Pixie 16 100 LED's per strip S5
  11. Ok, so upon my first testing of my LED strips and using show-on-demand, I tried to get the LED strip I have to be the left arch in my display (to just run it through and make sure everything works). But instead, the strip plays like normal lights.. Hard to explain. Ok, so the drums for most songs are the walls of the house, which are NOT pixels. Just lights. The LED strip is playing the walls, a few other things, and I have no clue why. And its not playing the arch like its supposed too. Also only a small section of the strip lights up.
  12. I've looked everywhere in their online store and couldn't find them. Thank you!
  13. I have looked far and wide and I cannot for the love of my life find the page to buy the pre-built controllers. I know they're there, I just can't find them. Could someone please paste the link? Thanks!
  14. Is there any universal indication on which wire is which?
  15. There are three wires coming out of it. I'm guessing ones negative, positive, and ground?
  16. So I bought two power supplies to power my pixie controllers, (and please keep in mind I am extremely new to this) I really dont know how to power it... There isn't a connector you just plug into the wall, and I'm pretty sure I have an idea on how too, but I'm not exactly sure. https://www.amazon.com/eTopxizu-Universal-Regulated-Switching-Computer/dp/B00D7CWSCG/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1536699506&sr=8-9&keywords=12v+power+supply ^^^ Power supply How do I power this thing? Thanks
  17. I've looked virtually everywhere on the strip and found no indication on what wire is what.
  18. So, I bought some 16' roll WS2811 LED strips, and there are five wires. But, the problem is (is) that theres no indication on the box, website, or strip itself on what wire controls what (R, G,B ,12v, etc) Is there any way I can find out what wire goes to what? Thanks, Kennan
  19. So as of my current understanding of how the hardware setup(assuming I'm using CCR for my LED's) works, its computer, CAT5 (Ethernet) cable connects to controller (pixie 8)from the computer, connect LED strips to outputs on controller, tada. (PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong.) I am using WS2811 LED's instead of CCR due to the fact of them being cheaper, and I am just wondering if there is anything else hardware-wise I need to modify. Also, are WS2811 LED's compatible w/ LOR pixel controllers? (pixie 4/8/16, pixcon16) --I'm pretty sure they are, just wouldn't hurt to be 100% sure. Thanks!
  20. honestly whatever controller works for the cheapest pixels. as of right now, im planning on using pixie 8/16 w/ ccr ribbons. if there is anything cheaper that works the same as ccr does but requires a different controller, ill use that instead.
  21. 6 arches, each around 8 feet (give or take) in total. and im also planning on doing two pixel matrixes. smart pixels, as well.
  22. Hello, I was wondering if there is anywhere else that sells Cosmic Color Ribbons for less than $250. That price is ridiculous. As of right now with that price, just my arches alone are (just for the pixels alone) $1000. Thanks, Kennan.
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