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  1. So I change the playback speed to 1/4 or 1/2, and the sound that actually plays back at that speed sounds nothing like the song, just weird and almost demonic-like. Any help? It sounds like its changing the pitch when it changes the speed, which is something that I don't want (and hasn't happened before). EDIT: Whilst programming last years light show, I could change the speed of the media file without the pitch shifting.
  2. Alright, well thank you for informing me.. Still kind of weird that when I sequence on my laptop the pitch doesn't shift....
  3. That's odd, because last years light show I could slow down any media file in the sequence editor and the pitch wouldn't shift...
  4. https://gyazo.com/1660d5984b29d80aa9b3a4ba276e4632 Any options? Thanks!
  5. Kennan

    Pixels in the visualizer (S4)

    I am just completely lost on how to get pixels to playback the sequence in SE. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Kennan

    Pixels in the visualizer (S4)

    Thats the problem, setting up the controller and channel numbers. And I don't want to call due to a few personal problems. Could we chat via PM's?
  7. Kennan

    Pixels in the visualizer (S4)

    Yes, I have pro. I have the pixels programmed in PE, I just need to know how to add them to the visualizer and be able to play back.
  8. Ok, so my last years light show consisted only of normal lights. On off. Plain and simple, it used only the sequence editor. Now for this year, I want to add pixels, which you do via pixel and/or superstar editor. I have them both the lights and pixels programmed, but how do I view them all in one window like the animation window from sequence editor? If there is a way (and I'm sure there is), how do you do it?
  9. Ok, and you merge the sequences using intensity files if I am correct?
  10. So, does the visualizer run only through SE, meaning that I have to somehow (I'm pretty sure I know how) merge the PE sequence w/ the SE sequence?
  11. One more question, how do I visualize pixels...? I've looked really everywhere and haven't found a solid tutorial.
  12. Ok, about after an hour of watching and reading tutorials, I got the hang of it, but I still have one question. So, our light show has these "nets" of lights (basically a matrix) that runs down the wall. And they are NOT pixels. How can I re-create this in the visualizer? The only thing I see for it is the Matrix Wizard, but that only supports pixels (or so I think).
  13. I've always just used the animation window in SE, and yes, I am unclear on how to build a visualization.
  14. I know that, but how? I've tried reading the PDF files on the LOR site and they really don't get me anywhere...