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  1. Just a simple question before I start work on this years light show, since its in beta. Pixels and lights are included. Can I use S5 to create this years light show?
  2. Alright, well thank you for informing me.. Still kind of weird that when I sequence on my laptop the pitch doesn't shift....
  3. That's odd, because last years light show I could slow down any media file in the sequence editor and the pitch wouldn't shift...
  4. So I change the playback speed to 1/4 or 1/2, and the sound that actually plays back at that speed sounds nothing like the song, just weird and almost demonic-like. Any help? It sounds like its changing the pitch when it changes the speed, which is something that I don't want (and hasn't happened before). EDIT: Whilst programming last years light show, I could change the speed of the media file without the pitch shifting.
  5. Kennan

    Pixels in the visualizer (S4)

    Thats the problem, setting up the controller and channel numbers. And I don't want to call due to a few personal problems. Could we chat via PM's?
  6. Kennan

    Pixels in the visualizer (S4)

    Yes, I have pro. I have the pixels programmed in PE, I just need to know how to add them to the visualizer and be able to play back.
  7. Kennan

    Pixels in the visualizer (S4)

    I am just completely lost on how to get pixels to playback the sequence in SE. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Ok, and you merge the sequences using intensity files if I am correct?
  9. So, does the visualizer run only through SE, meaning that I have to somehow (I'm pretty sure I know how) merge the PE sequence w/ the SE sequence?
  10. https://gyazo.com/1660d5984b29d80aa9b3a4ba276e4632 Any options? Thanks!
  11. One more question, how do I visualize pixels...? I've looked really everywhere and haven't found a solid tutorial.
  12. Ok, about after an hour of watching and reading tutorials, I got the hang of it, but I still have one question. So, our light show has these "nets" of lights (basically a matrix) that runs down the wall. And they are NOT pixels. How can I re-create this in the visualizer? The only thing I see for it is the Matrix Wizard, but that only supports pixels (or so I think).
  13. I've always just used the animation window in SE, and yes, I am unclear on how to build a visualization.