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  1. Try 1 inch aluminum angle , strong easy to work with and light. you could make all the sections and then bolt them together, take apart for storage.
  2. Thanks ,guys I just have two 16 controllers now and will be adding one more along with the rgb floods, I think i can go up to 8 ID's with the 4.3.24. Thanks for the info. David L Hardin
  3. I am planning on adding this year the LOR RGB flood package, controller and 8 floods. Can I program this with my 4.3.24 soft ware and should I up grade the license a step? Hmmm and looking at the soft ware listings it mentions TRACKS can someone explain TRACKS. Thanks Yall David L Hardin
  4. Well they had better hurry, I ain't no spring chicken, and if my husband finds out I bought a boat load of LED's from Talley I may be doomed. !!!
  5. Great, thanks guys !!!!! All good things in time I guess !!!!!!
  6. When does LOR post the winners of the 2018 lighting contest
  7. Hey Yall, need help with this one. In my front yard I have a stand of Golden bamboo along my drive way, it is 15 feet long , 6 feet wide and 40 feet tall. I have put floods in it pointing up with out much success . I used four of the KOBI led floods, they weren't very bright and didn't last, just barley thru last year. Then I tried some of those LED floods from Lowes, they work but still not bright enough. Getting up in the bamboo is a no go at my age. I thought about trying one of those star shower laser things I have four of those which I used up through the palms. Any suggestion would be great. Do keep in mind budget, what ever I do has to be on the QT, I am sure some of you will understand. I think one of my videos kind of shows that side of the drive i you want to look. Thanks for all you help David L Hardin-----DH LITES
  8. If my plans work I will be putting RGB floods facing up on each group , spring sale !!!!!!! unless I get another wild thought , this is only my second year and I cant sleep at night instead of spots before my eyes I see colored lights. Thanks for every ones thoughts !!!!!! David
  9. Thank you Larry!!!! I know , I am sick ,I got it BAD, don't know if I need a doctor or a banker !!! David
  10. This was a very big file it took hours for Vimeo to load. It is two sequences, Polar Express and Bette Middler. 2nd year newbie 32 channels, did someone say spring sale ?????? Thank you for watching David L Hardin Https://vimeo.com/315013561
  11. Jim, Thanks so much , for the info and pics. Being a audiophile has it's draw backs. I am always looking for the best performance, inside or out. I want the music out side to be as full range as I can get it with out being loud enough to raise the dead which means some sort of DSP , so that the music emotes the lights for the viewer and draws them in . This year the KEF's did a great job, but the audiophile in me wanted more. So goes my search for added dynamic range which calls for more low frequency. The folks that listen in their car get "IT" from the fm transmitter, but for passers by not so much, we had a lot of folks stop and get out of their car.. I will keep everyone posted as to my results. My whole idea is to give goose bumps and smiles, and generate what is the spirit of the season with colored lites and music. Best Regards David L Hardin DLH LITES
  12. Thanks, the speakers are KEF outdoor speakers the big ones and a 200 watt per channel stereo power amp, this summer I am putting in a in ground sub woofer, think I should tell the neighbors or just let then find out. I am planning a sequence with chorus and pipe organ. David
  13. Hey Santa, here ya go this one is a close up , the music is coming from the bushes. I am in the high end audio bizz just couldnt help putting some good speakers outside. The bay window frames,the sides of the garage and the big snowflakes are new this year, I have no idea where we are going to put it all, Let me know if you can see these . the one on My Christmas Display is=https://vimeo/312224097 you can see it there David
  14. WOW 300 gezzo, we are already planning next year and will be doubling just about every thing and adding the side of the house which was static this year so there will be more plugs for me to mush mortite into , but by then I will be retired and have plenty of time , ya know what they say , idle hands are the devils work shop, hehehe By the way you were big help with my question about a bubble machine, it worked great, thanks again ! David ps: did you look at my display this year???
  15. Last year our show was killed by big rain storm it took two days to figure out what was wet, dugh every thing. This year I got some Mortite, it is weather proofing that stays pliable , clay like . It comes on a roll. you can mush around the plugs as it is non conductive I put a bead around each plug joint ,made it water proof even after a big storm which we get here in Florida. At take down I just scraped it off and wiped the plugs clean. David
  16. Thanks, I see I screwed up the links there is supposed to be a space between them,oooooppps computers not so much in my wheel house but learning David
  17. This is my second year using Light O Rama. Last year one controller and one musical sequence, this year , 32 channels and six sequenced songs, and 50% more lites, and a FM tune to sign. OH and a motorized waving Santa and a bubble machine, plus wire frame led snow flakes on the roof. OK I got it bad, spring sale here I come. There are two videos posted at the end of this story. This year as I was putting the lites round our big bay window and I caught a reflection of my self in the glass, but it wasn't me, it was a nine year old little boy. Wearing his older brothers coat and one of those caps that have ear flaps that fold down and tie under your chin. He was struggling to put a string of C9's around the front door. It was very cold,I Remember. As a small child Christmas was always magic and the lites were the icing on the cake. I decided to make my own lites. I had saved money from cutting yards that summer and had put my eye on some parts at the local hardware store. In the late fall I went to the store and with the help of Mr Smith the owner selected twenty feet of red and green twisted wire and twenty plastic screw on C9 sockets and bulbs. Mr Smith said ,David that will be $4.85. I pulled out all my money only to find I was 35 cents short. As I stood there with tears welling up in my eyes, Mr Smith said here, he reached into his pocket and pulled out 35 cents , he put the money in the little box , handed me the bag with the parts and said , Merry Christmas David, be sure to get your Dad to help put it together. Those lites lit up Dunn Rd for many years. As the years went by I got more and more and forgot about that one string. The reflection returned to me, standing there with a string of C9's in my hand. Sixty years later, taller, balding, a pot belly in shorts and a tee shirt in the warm Florida sun. In 2011 My MaMa was near her end and my brothers called and said come home, it was near then end of December, a few days before Christmas. She had been not talking and not eating so it was soon. I got to MaMa's on the 23rd when I went in the house to see her, she opened her eyes and said very loudly my name-DAVID. The best Christmas gift I have ever gotten. She passed on the 27th. Later the next spring I went home to Memphis to help my brothers clean out the house and get it ready for sale. I got attic duty. There was a lot of stuff up there MaMa saved every thing. I was going through a stack of shoe boxes and one old box had some writing on he top in her hand writing, it said ,David's Lites. Inside was the set of C9's I had made at the age of nine. They still work ! Many thanks to all the wonderful folks at Light O Rama and all the help I have received from the people on the forums. Please enjoy the videos. https://vimeo.com/312228169https://vimeo.com/312224097 David Hardin
  18. Second year newbie , Gezzz the list is long, a second ctb16 kit , now 32 channels,sequenced 6 new musical selections, 3 five foot wire led snow flakes on the roof with 4 three foot ones, three new wire trees with 2 sets lites ,color /white, another set of white icicle lites to the colors ones. Last June I made three wood frames for the bay window and put two set of led lites, one set c6 ,one set m5 , wood frames for each side of garage , candy cane rope lite around and two sets led ,white and c6 color. The front island at the drive a new planting about two feet tall and mounted the wire trees above that , the new planting got 300 led multi color lites. On the front porch A 5 foot tall cut out Santa that I motorized so he waves, behind him a bubble machine that comes on when the songs say snow, thank you Bette Middler song ," I got my Love to keep me warm" and loreena Mckennit ," The Bells Of Christmas" . The kids went crazy for the bubbles, ok well I did to. A FM transmitter, with tune to sign , which made folks scratch their head in wonder, Three sets lites around front door and on the wreath, blue ,white and multi, added c6's to the c9's around the garage door. couple blue floods. The pool/patio got almost the same treatment but no control, that's next year. The side of the house bushes got 12 nets and two sets of icicle one color and one white. Very large hedge 8 feet tall 30 feet long 18 sets multi nets. My husband and I go out every nite with a martini and watch the show and talk with the people that stop and watch. I am already planning next year, waiting for the spring sale , want two more ctb16's , oh and golly more spt1 wire and plugs. Thanks to every one on the forums for your help!!!!!! Have taken a video and will be posting on Viemo . After last year I spent the whole year collecting LED lites from our fave thrift stores almost all of the lites came from there. Cant wait to share our video ,hope to have it up by next week. David
  19. Fort lauderdale here, We had a big rain storm last Saturday, four hours before our Christmas party with 58 guest coming. I dried out all the connections and the gfi still tripped. Changed outlets and it all came back on, I will replace that gfi this weekend, its old. All this made me think what could I use to keep the rain out of the sockets. AH ha Mortite, for weather stripping and such, clay like and easy to work with. put a bunch out this morning as we are having another big storm come thru today and we will see what happens. I have used this stuff for years in the audio business ,so lets see if it does the trick, Keep yall posted. David
  20. First year, I learned 16 channels is just not enough, new controller built over labor day , works great, lit it up Sunday night and to my surprise it's still not enough channels, spring sale ??? I have invented the new way to decorate the two very large stands of bougainvillea in our yard. I call it the Lash LaRoo method. I stand well away from that thorny thing and lasso it with three strings of 50 count led C9's. To remove them I bought elbow length leather welders cloves, and leather overall's, they were on sale! At soon to be 69 years old ,getting on the roof to put seven very large led snowflakes is a bit of a chore, needles to say against my heart doc's advice.Plus this past week was in the high 80's Always buy way more vampire plugs than you need, there are none to be had in south florida-NONE! I will share more later,but now there is a very cold martini in the fridge ! All the best to every one. David
  21. our local walmart had three boxes full about two weeks ago I bought 6 $2.97 each they bare incan I will convert to led after Christmas. David
  22. I was looking forward to winning last night , the first two things I would buy is a Porsche and some hair !
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