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  1. Walmart update on solid color net lites, went back there last night , YES---blue,red,and green ,150 4x6 lite sets Holiday Time brand, the shelf was full of each color. I bought three sets blue to try. Plugged them into the controller I am working on and they looked great and dim very well. Not bad for $12.96 a set. will be going back for more . They are also listed on the walmart web site ,several of the walmarts in fort lauderdale are listed as having them in stock. A lot of folks have said walmart lites have worked well for them so guess we will wait and see . David
  2. They didn't have a lot of each color ,that,s why I whined all the way home, maybe I will make a sneak attack. My husband loves me ,he lets me buy all the led lites I can hide. Yes nets are very expensive been looking all over and when I saw these I almost passed out , ok now I am getting my courage up , Walmart is open till 10 pm, it's on the way home.
  3. Yippp heee ,this is third year for me , this year added 32 more channels with kits I built from the sale, at 64 now. In the spring I re lit five wire six foot snowflakes with new led rope one run of pure white and one of blue so yes I did it twice they go up on the roof, Thank you Val at Christmas-LEDS.com. I also added blue leds to four four foot plastic snow flakes which were already in white ,so all that ate some channels. I also added four new wire trees covered with c9's which will go in the bamboo stand at the drive. Two more wire trees for the front yard with multi/white led's,which makes five in a row, three blue dimmable flood on the palm trees in the front and in front of the house. To that I am adding four 7 1/2 fake trees to the front of the house each tree will have three sets of led's ,multi /white/a solid color, more channels three for each tree. Plus three star showers aimed high at the tops of the palm trees I found I can control them with LOR,just on/off. We were at our walmart here in fort lauderdale they have all their stuff out. This year I found solid ,blue , green and red net lights 150 lites led 4x6 for $12.96 I wanted a shopping cart full but the warden said no. Guess I will have to take a chance on some being left for the 50 off sale I need 35 sets. Right now the living room is full and I am programming and just added the Hippo song to the existing song line up which I had to go thru and add the other channels to all the other songs. Thanks to all for the help I have received from the learned group on the forums, there is always someone with the answer,you guys the best !! Lite it up, play it loud, and makem smile !!!!! David PS: I will be using the bubble machine again this year, the kids loved it ,especially me, hehehehehe!
  4. Thanks a heap Mr Grunts !!!! I am on it !!!!
  5. Yeah ,ok I am gona do the hippo song , we have kids around us, me being one. I have looked and can't find a version that sounds good, I know it's from the 50's, or that doesn't have other stuff added to it, any suggestions for a clean copy. David
  6. HMMMMM, This is my third year working with LOR- This year 64 channels and about 6,000 more LED's . I got started late for my age , My out side is 69 but my inside is a wide eyed 9 year old. I started working on this year as I took down last year , I think that is how this works. Last year we had cars stopping . Our neighborhood is small, only six house on our block. The folks that stopped made it all worth while , the smiles, the kids playing in the bubbles from the bubble machine and dancing to the music , wonderful. Several of our neighbors had ask me this summer as I was working in the yard if I was going to decorate this year, of course I said yes. Just last night we brought down 18 containters of lites to be tested ,this weekend a trip to the storage room for the props to be stored on the back patio until the roof work starts. Yes there was a slight moment when I though,gezzz this is a lot of work , but that little 9 year old kicked me in the pants and said David ,get yer butt on the roof and make people smile and filled with Christmas joy. As long as he is inside me I will continue to lite up the hood here in Fort Lauderdale. I have two post on the forum in" my display" I am DLH Lites,take a look enjoy and feel to let me know how to make it better. There will be a lot more this year, display starts thanksgiving night. Best Regards to All David
  7. Fort Lauderdale here , we are out of the cone, as the latest news cast, yeah ! still prepped for lots of wind and rain, cause ya just never know . We went thru Wilma which did 50 gran worth of damage to our house so we always get right to work getting ready. Our Island neighbors are getting pounded as the storm passes over on its way more north, hope all survive. Lets all hope it doesn't do a jiggle like Michael did. David
  8. Hey yall this is one of five six foot snow flakes I just re lit with 3/8 led rope from Christmas-leds.com, Thank you Val ! I used pure white and added blue so each has two colors. We bought these at a thrift store for $40 bucks each.About three years ago ,they were all white. Last year two of them cracked and water got in so I just re lit them all , They go up on the roof. It took me about three months and lots of wire ties to get it all done cant wait to get them up there. Opps how do ya turn this thang around David
  9. Dimmable ,led rope ,go to Christmas LED's .com Or speak to Val there great Gal. I just replaced all the rope on five six foot wire frame snowflakes ,with pure white and I added blue, both are dimmable . I used 3/8 and it is very flexable ,very easy to work with and they look WOW. You can get cut lengths or a roll 150' Good Luck David
  10. Heads up kids , summer sale starts Thursday Aug 8th thru 22nd according to the LOR Web site. Go for it!!! David
  11. I agree, stared selling infinity in 1968 ,very first product Servo Statik Arnie Nudell designer was good friend, his last design will be produced by PS Audio the AN3
  12. Phil, it is a Infinity BETA, next speaker down from the IRSV four towers , 4 servo controlled woofers per side, front panels are bi polar , EMIT drivers my reference speaker for years David
  13. High end home audio, still listen to records, 5,000 lps and still growing, open reel tape, 500 pre recorded tapes, plus on location masters I have made, six different tape machines Big Infinity speakers bi amped with Mark Levinson electronics. This is my 51st year in the high end audio biz and still love to listen, OH and ridding the harley !
  14. Val, at Christmas-leds.com is great to work with . I just got two 150 foot reels of LED's one of blue and one of pure white to relite some wire snowflakes they look WOW . She has a new web site so if you have any questions give her a call. David
  15. About 80% of my LED lites are used from thrift stores and from folks on the site, someone always has something to move as they get bit by the bug.
  16. Anyone in the Fort Lauderdale area?
  17. Thanks again Mr.P I am up and running , worked great !!! David
  18. Thanks I found that but didn't know which way to send it I will do that Thanks so much keep ya posted, Thanks again David
  19. One other thing , beside each new controller the is a gray line before the numbers for the controller They are ID number 3 and 4 David
  20. Mr. P ,I added two new cpb16 kits built after the spring sale, both units work fine with the hardware utility all channels They showed up on the channel list in the sequence as +unit 3 & + unit 4--I hit the plus and they filled in the channels but I couldn't find the channel config any where . David
  21. Mr P, Ok I am stuck, I am able to add the controllers #3 and #4 to the existing sequence but cant find the popper place to add them to the channels config. Where do I go to inset the channels. Newbie David
  22. Thank You Mr. P, I knew there was a way to do it . You have always been spot on, thanks! David
  23. Hey Guys , I want to add two new controllers to my sequences to be expanded. I have looked at the tutorials and cant find the info there or I may have missed it any suggestions. David
  24. Silly? In the vendor hall do they sell product there and is it at good prices. Need some stuff ,should I wait?? David
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