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  1. Orville, as you know if the earth was flat ,cats would have pushed every thing off it by now. !
  2. Safe yes, discovered the hunny do list now comes on a roll, every morning I tear off a sheet for that day , I cant figure out how I kept all this done when I was working . But man let me tell you the yard looks great , the sock drawer is completely organized, I finally threw out those bell bottom jeans from high school (1968) . Have finished three new props for 2020. Got three more to do . This afternoon ,gutter cleaning ,going to have big rain storms here in Fort Laud starting late tonight . "Safe "yeah, as long as I do the list !!!!!!!! hehehehehehehehe David
  3. With all this free time I had to stay busy , let me know what yall think ,I got it Alan , operates during Josh Groban song Believe from Polar Express
  4. Very cool Alan, wow thanks so much, see an old dawg can learn a new tricks !!! Best Regards David
  5. Well, it's April and I am staying in and working around the house , we are on lock down here in Fort lauderdale as is everyone else. Nuttin to do ,well not really , plenty, but time for projects. Got one almost done ,little more work to do on the Believe sign the enclosure for when its down Made it from coro and painted it , an old BBQ motor from garage along with stuff from my many junk boxes. Will go with the song Believe ,polar express and couple others . Le tme know what yall think. Vimeo.com/405149452 David
  6. Gezzz ok so I put it on Vimeo Please let me know what yall think, it will go into an enclosure,in front of three flocked 6.5 foot trees,in front of the garage door Vimeo.com/405149452 Hope every one is being safe !!!! David
  7. I will repost after a ton of yard work and my NAP, gona upload video to vimeo Yard Boy,tomorrow pool boy-never stops ,how did I keep this all done when I was working ,golly
  8. If Spok had as much trouble with computers as I do he would have jumped off the Enterprise. I am learning but it's slow I am an old Dawg. David
  9. try this try this yall https://www.facebook.com/david.hardin.5811/videos/2931903093545163/?t=2 old BBQ motor , made the sign out of coro will go in front of garage in front of three snow flocked trees goes up during song and then down. David
  10. its also on my face book page -david l hardin ,Fort lauderdale fl still learning all this computer stuff
  11. when ya click it it shows up at the bottom of the screen click that as what i think is a download
  12. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0?ui=2&ik=e31df93b07&attid=0.1&permmsgid=msg-f:1663268109163546124&th=17151d886cedc60c&view=att&disp=safe Will go with Josh Groban Believe from Polar Express David
  13. JR, Please explain "computer generated winners" ,just curious how that works ? Are they using some sort of AI ? David
  14. When will they show up on the LOR web site
  15. A few post ago I stated what new props I was adding and said I would need yet another controller. Orville to the rescue! He sent me a message and said if I wanted to take the drive to Orlando he would gift me some items. Well he did , a 16 channel ac controller and all his Halloween deco. Yesterday we drove from Fort lauderdale to Orlando to Orville's home and Picked up the product. The weather was great and it is about a three hour drive . I am very great full for his gift. Of course I am all fired up and cant wait to start programming in the new props. I plugged in the controller and changed the ID to fit with the other and it works great. Orville ,thank you so much !!!!!!!! David DLH LITES
  16. I am a big fan of C7'S and have been looking for ones that look like the old incan's--found them at Christmas Lights.ETC. They came yesterday and I am impressed,very impressed! The bulbs are a tad smaller than the regular incans but that doesn't matter, the colors are amazing, they are a lot brighter. They have a new opticore Led which doesn't show a hot spot in the bulb. plus they can be dimmed . I bought multi color,blue and red,a box of each to try. Will be ordering more while they are on sale. I have tons of C7's stringers so I just got the bulbs. Have three 6 foot artificial flocked trees for in front of the garage they will look great with the three colors for next year. Yes now I need another controller,gezzzz it's always something! David
  17. Ah Retirement, hoping for that late fall, just turned 70 , 52 years in the high end audio biz is enough !!!! David
  18. HMMMMM over the last three years I have built four ctb 16 kits , they all work great , will be building one or two more.spring sale ! Question is what version are these kits, I see no info on the boards,they all have the red led. I run only leds, no pixels or rgb, an dont plan to. David
  19. Hey Chuck, The big ones are wire, they are six feet. I couldn't pass them up 40 bucks each, they had lites that worked, but last year they got water in them. They are used from a thrift store so last spring I re lit them with new 3/8 pure white lite rope and also blue. The smaller ones are from target ,40" hey are plastic but sturdy, and I added blue lites to those also. Thanks for the look !!!! David
  20. Yes , our street only has six houses ,they turn off the main street and fly to the stop sign and go right thru ,crazy folks !!!!!!! Where is a cop when ya need one?????
  21. Here ya go ,Ladies and Gents---------Ridding the Line -Michael Martin Murphy-----Vimeo.com/382510454, enjoy . It got upstaged by a uninvited fat raccoon. David
  22. I had same problem with phillips c9's also very hard to repair those, they are also the ones all the blue led's only lasted one year. Last year I bought three sets 150 g20 leds from wally world, didn't notice each led had a small hole in the top till take down . Lots of the lites had water in them and one set was half out . the hole is tiny , what a pain . BUT we did have major rain this December. Now why would they make lite set with a hole in the lenses. I have some led c7 with holes also,go figure. David
  23. Yeah, I will be adding more , got plans let's just see if I get there. Just got three 5 foot art trees that are flocked, those will get three channels each ,multi,a solid color and pure white . they will be in front of the garage door , in front of those I have planed a motorized "Believe" sign that would move from flat to vertical then back to it's housing, that will be lit with leds and made from coro, will also have floods . I found a geared drapery motor with adjustable stops that should do the trick , well at least I have a year to figure it all out. Waiting for spring sale itching to build yet another controller kit, and maybe a RGB flood system. This past year I bought a bunch of lites from Earle Talley , they can be seen in my display on the four trees I added for 2019, four art trees three channels each with multi,solid and pure white on each tree-Thank you Earle ,everyone loved them. I am still trying to wrangle the thrift store where I bought the 6 foot wire snowflakes for the other two . I re lit the ones I used this year last spring with new white and then blue. This year I added blue nets to the front drive hedges so it is multi then blue 2 channels. the day after Christmas I was at our Wally world at 5:45 AM to get the blue nets at 50% off for the much larger hedge along the drive way . There will be 18 sets of multi and 18 sets of blue on that one hedge. Well that's so far ,the year is young! hehehehehe David
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