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    high end audio system , record collector, yes I still play records, 5,000 to pick from , plus open reel tape, and of course the Harley
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    Looked at it for several years built my first controller for Christmas 2017, cant wait for 2018, looking froward to building another kit and getting it all together, it's all led. The neighbors loved it
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  1. Try 1 inch aluminum angle , strong easy to work with and light. you could make all the sections and then bolt them together, take apart for storage.
  2. Thanks ,guys I just have two 16 controllers now and will be adding one more along with the rgb floods, I think i can go up to 8 ID's with the 4.3.24. Thanks for the info. David L Hardin
  3. I am planning on adding this year the LOR RGB flood package, controller and 8 floods. Can I program this with my 4.3.24 soft ware and should I up grade the license a step? Hmmm and looking at the soft ware listings it mentions TRACKS can someone explain TRACKS. Thanks Yall David L Hardin
  4. Well they had better hurry, I ain't no spring chicken, and if my husband finds out I bought a boat load of LED's from Talley I may be doomed. !!!
  5. Great, thanks guys !!!!! All good things in time I guess !!!!!!
  6. When does LOR post the winners of the 2018 lighting contest
  7. Hey Yall, need help with this one. In my front yard I have a stand of Golden bamboo along my drive way, it is 15 feet long , 6 feet wide and 40 feet tall. I have put floods in it pointing up with out much success . I used four of the KOBI led floods, they weren't very bright and didn't last, just barley thru last year. Then I tried some of those LED floods from Lowes, they work but still not bright enough. Getting up in the bamboo is a no go at my age. I thought about trying one of those star shower laser things I have four of those which I used up through the palms. Any suggestion would be great. Do keep in mind budget, what ever I do has to be on the QT, I am sure some of you will understand. I think one of my videos kind of shows that side of the drive i you want to look. Thanks for all you help David L Hardin-----DH LITES
  8. If my plans work I will be putting RGB floods facing up on each group , spring sale !!!!!!! unless I get another wild thought , this is only my second year and I cant sleep at night instead of spots before my eyes I see colored lights. Thanks for every ones thoughts !!!!!! David
  9. Thank you Larry!!!! I know , I am sick ,I got it BAD, don't know if I need a doctor or a banker !!! David
  10. This was a very big file it took hours for Vimeo to load. It is two sequences, Polar Express and Bette Middler. 2nd year newbie 32 channels, did someone say spring sale ?????? Thank you for watching David L Hardin Https://vimeo.com/315013561
  11. Jim, Thanks so much , for the info and pics. Being a audiophile has it's draw backs. I am always looking for the best performance, inside or out. I want the music out side to be as full range as I can get it with out being loud enough to raise the dead which means some sort of DSP , so that the music emotes the lights for the viewer and draws them in . This year the KEF's did a great job, but the audiophile in me wanted more. So goes my search for added dynamic range which calls for more low frequency. The folks that listen in their car get "IT" from the fm transmitter, but for passers by not so much, we had a lot of folks stop and get out of their car.. I will keep everyone posted as to my results. My whole idea is to give goose bumps and smiles, and generate what is the spirit of the season with colored lites and music. Best Regards David L Hardin DLH LITES
  12. Thanks, the speakers are KEF outdoor speakers the big ones and a 200 watt per channel stereo power amp, this summer I am putting in a in ground sub woofer, think I should tell the neighbors or just let then find out. I am planning a sequence with chorus and pipe organ. David
  13. Hey Santa, here ya go this one is a close up , the music is coming from the bushes. I am in the high end audio bizz just couldnt help putting some good speakers outside. The bay window frames,the sides of the garage and the big snowflakes are new this year, I have no idea where we are going to put it all, Let me know if you can see these . the one on My Christmas Display is=https://vimeo/312224097 you can see it there David
  14. WOW 300 gezzo, we are already planning next year and will be doubling just about every thing and adding the side of the house which was static this year so there will be more plugs for me to mush mortite into , but by then I will be retired and have plenty of time , ya know what they say , idle hands are the devils work shop, hehehe By the way you were big help with my question about a bubble machine, it worked great, thanks again ! David ps: did you look at my display this year???
  15. Last year our show was killed by big rain storm it took two days to figure out what was wet, dugh every thing. This year I got some Mortite, it is weather proofing that stays pliable , clay like . It comes on a roll. you can mush around the plugs as it is non conductive I put a bead around each plug joint ,made it water proof even after a big storm which we get here in Florida. At take down I just scraped it off and wiped the plugs clean. David
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