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    Fort Lauderdale fl
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    High end home audio sales and install

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    high end audio system , record collector, yes I still play records, 5,000 to pick from , plus open reel tape, and of course the Harley
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    Looked at it for several years built my first controller for Christmas 2017, cant wait for 2018, looking froward to building another kit and getting it all together, it's all led. The neighbors loved it
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  1. Go to www.the winfieldcollection.com they have motors with all the hard ware. I used one to make a waving Santa, works great , plus they have all kinds of Christmas deco projects _ this year I am making a row of moving candy canes--good luck David
  2. DLH lites

    need net lites

    Hey yall where is the best place to get net lites in solid colors, for a good price. 2017 was my first year with LOR and looking to get MORE ,got it bad here!!!!, Haven't even been on the harley. David
  3. DLH lites

    Disco Ball Motor Question

    Thanks Santa !!! I will give it a test drive when the bubble machine gets here. David
  4. DLH lites

    Disco Ball Motor Question

    Kinda goes with my question , I am planning to use a bubble machine that has a wall wart transformer , would only be on and off during one music track , any thoughts ????
  5. DLH lites

    2018 Spring Sale

    Gezzz have I gotten to the party too late , 2017 was my first year with LOR I built a controller and had the time of my life ,I was nine years old again. Have I missed the sale ? I am on the email list but got nothing. David