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    Fort Lauderdale fl
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    High end home audio sales and install

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    high end audio system , record collector, yes I still play records, 5,000 to pick from , plus open reel tape, and of course the Harley
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    Looked at it for several years built my first controller for Christmas 2017, cant wait for 2018, looking froward to building another kit and getting it all together, it's all led. The neighbors loved it
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  1. DLH lites

    Walmart 27 inch candy canes lit

    Hey yall can someone please explain -snubber ?
  2. DLH lites

    Walmart 27 inch candy canes lit

    our local walmart had three boxes full about two weeks ago I bought 6 $2.97 each they bare incan I will convert to led after Christmas. David
  3. DLH lites

    Still here

    I was looking forward to winning last night , the first two things I would buy is a Porsche and some hair !
  4. DLH lites

    Questions on 16 channel starter package

    Hey Yall. Last year was my first year, I built the 16 channel controller kit, put up all the led lites I had been collecting,( I had a large static display) programed one music selection. Then I pressed play and stood in the middle of the street and went OS, I need MORE CHANNELS. I bought another kit in the summer sale,it's built ready to go All year I have been collecting more led lites here and there, so now I have about twice the number of lites, and just about finished sequencing five new songs. I cant wait to see it in action. I have already stared hanging lites, and I will be the first to order two more controllers in the spring sale. I tried to make a video of it last year , but we live near I95 in Fort Lauderdale and a train so there was so much road noise ya couldn't here the music. I waited till 3am on Christmas day, I thought it will be quiet, nope turned every thing on went out side and here comes the Broward sheriff's helicopter right over my head, golly . This year a FM transmitter has been installed with a tune in sign, yeah guys I got it bad. To the newbies, there is no cure for this , ya just have to get more. Having the best time of my 68 years. David
  5. DLH lites

    Try for Free

    When do the pick the winners for the Try For Free. I ordered my stuff as soon as the summer sale stared and got it with in three days, I had applied for the Try For Free and got the 3% discount on my order but haven't heard any thing as of yet. I built another CBT 16 over labor day and it works great already building frames for the windows to hold the lights , also for the roof to hold 7 large snow flakes, damn I am I all giddy. This year 32 channels and about 50% more lites and 5 new songs. David
  6. DLH lites

    new computer suggestions

    we are in twin lakes, bought my first house and then hurricane Wilma did a lot of damage gezzz what a mess, but it's all good now just no screen enclosure, I have no idea where it went , it just kinda took off during the storm. Thank goodness I wasnt on the roof putting up five foot tall snowflakes, theyed be a goner and me HEHEH David
  7. DLH lites

    new computer suggestions

    Hey Gris , that one is still there , ours is two blocks from or house , commercial and powerline it was built after we moved here from NYC in 2004, we are .in there at least two times a week David AKA ELF
  8. DLH lites

    new computer suggestions

    Computer update found a new dell inspiron 15 mod 3565 --4 gb memory 1tb hard drive windows 10 dvd/rw drive On sale at BJ's here in Fort Lauderdale for $299.00 was $90.00 off till the 18th of sept. It took me longer to set up the computer than it did to load LOR. Every thing works and I am back in business ! Thanks Yall David
  9. DLH lites

    new computer suggestions

    $300 or so
  10. DLH lites

    new computer suggestions

    I used my old dell laptop last year it's 12 years old and is pitching fits this year last leg I guess. Any suggestions for a replacement that isn't a arm and leg $$$$$$ David
  11. DLH lites

    need to wipe the old 4.3.34 out of computer

    hmmm did the unload LOR and then went to program files and deleted LOR and then did the Registry wipe so that's all done so now just reload. ,MY nerve !!! Thanks David
  12. DLH lites

    need to wipe the old 4.3.34 out of computer

    Gezz, ok The info from LOR says 4.3.34 they got my software wrong I happened to look at the disc it's 4.3.24 I have already uninstalled and did the regwipe exe to flush windows. My email is Audiohifiguy57@gmail.com JUst need to do the LOR wipe and I can reload Thanks Guys David
  13. Hey guys ok so my software 4.3.34 has crashed and I got info from help line on how to do remove it , did the first part, the second part is to wipe out lor from computer. They sent me ,this- WWW1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.3.34/LORRegistyWipe.exe Dugh I get nothing , I am most likely not putting it in correctly , just about to put a big black pot to boil with leg of frog and eye of newt, got to be a spell I am missing. David
  14. DLH lites

    where did it go

    Mr. P did as you ask filled in profile, any other info , just ring out . David
  15. DLH lites

    where did it go

    Hey Guys -update-- I was able to set the controllers with new ID's , thank you for your help. Yesterday with the help line at LOR we figured out my software had crashed and I got instructions on how to remove and replace it ^&^%$$& computers !!! I will keep yall posted , I am at work listening to new music selections to program. Now I have to get the nerve to get on the roof and put up the four five foot and three four foot tall snowflakes, wish me luck ! A 68 year old in second childhood never too late to get happy. David