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    high end audio system , record collector, yes I still play records, 5,000 to pick from , plus open reel tape, and of course the Harley
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    Looked at it for several years built my first controller for Christmas 2017, cant wait for 2018, looking froward to building another kit and getting it all together, it's all led. The neighbors loved it
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  1. Boring--Lordy--let's buy nine truck loads of lites throw them every where. The static ones had no flow ,it was just lites every where , not much programed to Holiday music. What does Micky Mouse have to do with Christmas ,just a question. Where do they get all those people to stand in the street? I have watched on and off but havent yet seen one display that makes me go WOW. The tear jerk thing is true , before long some one will say Granddmaw didn't get run over by a reindeer she ran off with him and left Grandpaw asleep in his strato lounger, and she took the fruit cake recepie -DAMN
  2. https://www.facebook.com/david.hardin.5811/videos/2643017099100432/?t=31 I tired to post this but LOR says too big , golly its only 31 seconds long It is from last night, third night for the display 2019. This year 64 channels lots more led's,more music. It all worked but see some places that need a touch up. I also see I need several more controllers and a bunch more lites David
  3. DLH lites


    MICHRX7, we are six miles from the airport , right off I 95 Just three blocks south of Commercial BLVD not far, we are first house on our street, if ya can and need address pm me would be great ! David
  4. DLH lites


    Yup ! that was my first year, this is my third year. I now make a mixed drink , I call it the LOR ELIXER . One martini glass, two olives, Vodka and I put the bottle of vermouth next it for about a min. It steadies my nerves while I try and figure out why channel 8 on controller ID 2 filckers while dimming . Happy Thanksgiving Everyone David Lynn Hardin
  5. Snow=NO--- I am a little sunburned it was 82 here today, Finally finished with it at just sun set, this was day four,with a little help from a neighbor, Hot damn it all worked ,played one musical selection ,all seems to be on target , Tomorrow, while the turkey is in the oven I will build a show of all the songs I have added the new channels and couple new songs . I am totaly wiped out , up and down a 12 foot ladder trimming a 30 foot by 8 foot high hedge, to get ready for net lights is a bit taxing ,BUT the show must go on. Last night played one selection to test what I had done , I got ,two WOW's and one very nice older guy ,said ,Sonny ,you have the sprit , I liked the spirit part but the Sonny hit home !! I hadnt been called that since I left Memphis. Good luck to all that start their display tomorrow ,and many warm thoughts of the season to those of you in the frozen zone. David
  6. WHEW, Sunday morning 7:15 am was on the roof ,got all three of the mounts up and cross member done and hung the 5 led snow flakes, each has two colors of led rope ,blue and white. Took a tumble after getting off the 12 foot ladder and banged my left knee, the leg I just got out of the hospital for. Yeah its black and blue and sore,I am on heart meds so one little bump and i look like I have been is a brawl. The front of the house is mostly done ,Just have the big hedge to trim and then add 20 sets of nets , and put up a 7 foot wire tree that is wired with blue leds. THis year I have 32 more channels now 64 and That used up a 500 foot reel of spt1 added to what was left over from last year. Sunday night test every thing worked but one snow flake on the roof wouldnt light the white rope, went nuts OMG something wrong with the controller ,panic, I knw the snowflake worked. Monday 7:05 am up to the roof with a ac cord to test , it worked , with my toner and meter found the vampire plug at the controller was defective changed and back in business. The FM transmitted is up ,speakers hidden in the bushes played a cd while working in the front yard, neighbore were putting up their lights and they said turn it up , we rocked out all day. Did test last night and noticd the blue nets kind blink a little during fade HMMMMM what could that be , I have three controlles pluged into a strip and in one outlet ,may try seperating them ,keep ya posted. Looks like we will be ready forThanksgiving night. Better get that hedge trimed, Good luck yall be safe out there . It's 67 degrees here in fort lauderdale, had to put on long sleeve shirt and pants golly !!!!! David
  7. Lordy, I dont see how you folks do this in all the snow. I got tired of that in Ny so we moved here 15 years ago . Last week I was sweating like crazy putting props in the front yard . A little behind this year with a short stay in the hospital, but even with a pik line in my arm for Iv drugs twice a day I was out there pullin wire . Taking next week off and hope it is all working by Thanksgiving night. Still have the five big LED snow flakes to put on the roof mounts , plus hang the roof line ice lights . Bushes that need to be trimed before the lights go on. Guess I will be a bizzie boy , Yall be careful out there. It has cooled off here in Fort lauderdale thank goodness , in the upper 70's so it wont be so hot on the roof ! I do have some help from my neighbors across the street, and my husband who walks with a cane is good at pointing his cane where he thinks I need to work hehehehehehehe! David
  8. two years ago I replaced all the c9's I had , ten strings with c9 led replacements from menlon, same problem some worked some didnt , I had to pry up the bottom contact and also the side , they ,look great and dim very well. I also did 20 strings of c7's . The c7's were the same product and look just like a incan . Even here in Fort Lauderdale we do live tree every year and the c7's are for that tree. We are from NY and one thing I really miss is going to the tree farms in the catskills and cutting down our tree's ---BUT putting up a tree in shorts and flip flops does have it's advantages. David
  9. Thanks Dennis , glad to here thats working for you . My outside will be 70 shortly , but my other half says there is a wide eyed nine year old on the inside. David
  10. Dugh, I am behind the eight ball ! Haven't felt well for weeks. Last saturday I ended up in the ER, high fever and riggors. EKG,CAT scan, sonogram on my left leg which was very swollen and red. Staph infection which was creeping up my leg went septic. I was in a room till last wed with bags of meds pouring in . Now home with home IV treatment twice a day for two hours till the 16th. Did that stop lighting prep, nope , but slowed me down. I took 15 sets of multi color nets one at a time streached out on the dinner table and layered a set of solid blue nets(walmart) on top and wire tied them together while the IV is pumping . All 15 are done ! Feeling better but tired. I have been banished from the roof, so our neighbors Brian and David will get the 6 foot snowflakes up there . I did hang three snowflakes over the garage today . Tomorrow , the lights around the garage door and front door . I will get this done ,I have been at this since take down last year . Some new songs and this year 32 more channels . I look in the mirror and say --GETER DONE . My 70th birthday is Dec 10th this is my present from me to me . Put it up ,play it loud makem smile! David
  11. Wednsday night ,in the dark I wanted to hang the two foot by five foot wood frames for each side of the garage , each one has three sets of lights and crossed candy canes in the middle . I had the other half turn his car around and put the head light on so I could see the inserts in the stucco to attach the frames to. Ok I know now as this is my third year I need help, a doctor of some sort, but I dont think Light O Rama has a emergency depeartment !!!!
  12. You guys are funny , If we dont show up at "HOME DEPOT" on the weekend they call to see if we are coming !!!!
  13. 2018 Christmas contest ???????
  14. which lites did you use, I relit 12 canes last year but had to use incans couldn't fine led's to fit. They looked great but rather they be led. David
  15. This year ,Thanksgiving night, going to the storage unit today to load up the pick up with all the props we made last year , cant wait.
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