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  1. Has there been any news on the 2019 contest or the summer sale,I need some wire and plugs -always- ! hehehe David
  2. A neighbor just built one from a you tube video, I will ask him for the link. It looked great. David
  3. Mich, I agree I got two (wanted more ,but sleeping in the garage is not a good time) and did the same, tested and IDed they are great, newer than the ones I built from kits . for the last three years . I took them apart and painted the enclosures white to match the others . I hang them on the front wall of the house behind the palm trees you cant see them from the street up against the stucco wall. Gezz now have to figure out what props I want to make and MORE LITES YEAH !!! The Christmas shop here was having a 50% off sale , I did get a bunch of new stuff but its over now. DANG ! I told my neighbor Seth who is also a LOR lighter and he bought 6 from Deb. Take Care Mich and be safe! David Many Thanks to Deb At Santa Clause Lane
  4. Hey Ross did ya get my message? David
  5. Ross sent you a PM. David
  6. Seems the rain block gaskets work, the lites have been out side for days , we have had several big rain storms ,down pours , and I even ran the sprinklers and they are all still lit.
  7. Yesterday, Was test day for the new rainblock gaskets. Rain was predicted ,so I put out a set of C9's with a grounded ext cord into a GFI out let , I threw them into some bushes and the connections on the ground. It poured, buckets, it was a real Toad Strangler. The ext cord connections were in the grass soaked. I left them there all night during more down pours, this morning at 6 am they were still lit. Well so far so good. I did plug up the end female of the lite string with one of the gaskets and the child proof plug inserts ,seems to be a good thang !!!! They are a little expensive ,but if it keeps me from pulling what little hair I have left out that will be great. I am going to leave them out there and will keep all posted. David
  8. JR, I also do dip loops on steaks ,which seem to work. The problem, I have two big hedges one is 30 feet long 8 feet high , I put 40 sets of net lites on it and the connections are off the ground and in the middle of the 8 foot height, Those are the ones that get all the water ,they are all plugged end to end . The other is around the drive way. It is 4 feet tall It gets 32 sets and again with the connection in the middle of the top of the hedge ,those seem to be my problems. The nets are one set of blue mated to one set of multicolor so there are lots of end to end connects. I will do a test this weekend with the gasket product and post results As always any suggestions from you guys are great . Thanks,best regards and stay safe David
  9. WEll After last year , and all the rain that shut my show down for like eight days I have been looking for help with plugs that got soaked. I tired lots of things ,some helped,some nada. . I just found a product that may help . Rain Block Extension Gaskets, seem to be designed for Christmas lites, got my first sample today . Soft silicone material,slightly tacky , works with two and three pin plugs. I will do a test and then post results. They are like 1/8 thick and squishy. Last year we had more rain here in Fort Lauderdale in December than in the summer. This year will be a much bigger display than last year , lets hope these thangs work. Go to www.rainblock.net David
  10. Oh Yes, I have been off work since early March for covid,the shop is closed and I guess longer now that south Florida has raging cases and all the ICU'S are full. So more time for Christmas, I am adding a lot this year. I have been working on the" Believe" song from Polar express, HMMMMMM I am up to 2 Min 53 seconds and I have heard it about 875 times. The living room floor is covered with lites, wire trees and controllers. I have been listening to many songs and picked out 4 more songs to sequence, golly ! Thinking of using JD MC Pherson's song "Bad Kid", give a listen let me know what ya think , he has some clever Christmas music. Hope everyone is being safe and is healthy ! David
  11. Orville, as you know if the earth was flat ,cats would have pushed every thing off it by now. !
  12. Safe yes, discovered the hunny do list now comes on a roll, every morning I tear off a sheet for that day , I cant figure out how I kept all this done when I was working . But man let me tell you the yard looks great , the sock drawer is completely organized, I finally threw out those bell bottom jeans from high school (1968) . Have finished three new props for 2020. Got three more to do . This afternoon ,gutter cleaning ,going to have big rain storms here in Fort Laud starting late tonight . "Safe "yeah, as long as I do the list !!!!!!!! hehehehehehehehe David
  13. With all this free time I had to stay busy , let me know what yall think ,I got it Alan , operates during Josh Groban song Believe from Polar Express
  14. Very cool Alan, wow thanks so much, see an old dawg can learn a new tricks !!! Best Regards David
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