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    Fort Lauderdale fl
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    High end home audio sales and install

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    high end audio system , record collector, yes I still play records, 5,000 to pick from , plus open reel tape, and of course the Harley
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    Looked at it for several years built my first controller for Christmas 2017, cant wait for 2018, looking froward to building another kit and getting it all together, it's all led. The neighbors loved it
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  1. Orville, as you know if the earth was flat ,cats would have pushed every thing off it by now. !
  2. Safe yes, discovered the hunny do list now comes on a roll, every morning I tear off a sheet for that day , I cant figure out how I kept all this done when I was working . But man let me tell you the yard looks great , the sock drawer is completely organized, I finally threw out those bell bottom jeans from high school (1968) . Have finished three new props for 2020. Got three more to do . This afternoon ,gutter cleaning ,going to have big rain storms here in Fort Laud starting late tonight . "Safe "yeah, as long as I do the list !!!!!!!! hehehehehehehehe David
  3. With all this free time I had to stay busy , let me know what yall think ,I got it Alan , operates during Josh Groban song Believe from Polar Express
  4. Very cool Alan, wow thanks so much, see an old dawg can learn a new tricks !!! Best Regards David
  5. Well, it's April and I am staying in and working around the house , we are on lock down here in Fort lauderdale as is everyone else. Nuttin to do ,well not really , plenty, but time for projects. Got one almost done ,little more work to do on the Believe sign the enclosure for when its down Made it from coro and painted it , an old BBQ motor from garage along with stuff from my many junk boxes. Will go with the song Believe ,polar express and couple others . Le tme know what yall think. Vimeo.com/405149452 David
  6. Gezzz ok so I put it on Vimeo Please let me know what yall think, it will go into an enclosure,in front of three flocked 6.5 foot trees,in front of the garage door Vimeo.com/405149452 Hope every one is being safe !!!! David
  7. I will repost after a ton of yard work and my NAP, gona upload video to vimeo Yard Boy,tomorrow pool boy-never stops ,how did I keep this all done when I was working ,golly
  8. If Spok had as much trouble with computers as I do he would have jumped off the Enterprise. I am learning but it's slow I am an old Dawg. David
  9. try this try this yall https://www.facebook.com/david.hardin.5811/videos/2931903093545163/?t=2 old BBQ motor , made the sign out of coro will go in front of garage in front of three snow flocked trees goes up during song and then down. David
  10. its also on my face book page -david l hardin ,Fort lauderdale fl still learning all this computer stuff
  11. when ya click it it shows up at the bottom of the screen click that as what i think is a download
  12. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0?ui=2&ik=e31df93b07&attid=0.1&permmsgid=msg-f:1663268109163546124&th=17151d886cedc60c&view=att&disp=safe Will go with Josh Groban Believe from Polar Express David
  13. JR, Please explain "computer generated winners" ,just curious how that works ? Are they using some sort of AI ? David
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