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  1. lanopie

    Singing trees

    Anybody know if LOR will make the singing trees available for purchase, the ones they had on display at Christmas Expo in 2017. Thanks!
  2. lanopie

    Singing trees

    Thanks, I didn't see that. I wonder if they'll have them for sale at Christmas Expo.
  3. lanopie

    Singing trees

  4. lanopie

    Singing trees

    It isn't HolidayCoro, they had them on display at their booth at last year's Christmas Expo and Dan Baldwin had mention it would be their next items for sale. Don't know what happened. I guess I will find out at this year's Christmas Expo in Mesquite, Texas.
  5. lanopie

    Momentary blackout

    You might want to take a look at this thread
  6. lanopie

    I will be the one

    I'm wondering if they are going to release the final version at Christmas Expo, since they release the first beta at the Expo last year...
  7. lanopie

    Christmas Expo 2018

    Does anybody know if LOR will be a vendor at this year's Christmas Expo? They aren't listed on the vendor's list...
  8. If I have 48 CCB's and I want to use SS, can I just have a license for 24 and program only 24 CCB's at a time and import it into the sequencer? Thanks!
  9. The limit only applies to Superstar. I can have as many CCB's as I want in the Sequencer. The limit does not apply to the sequencer. Thanks!
  10. lanopie

    Thriller faces and Pixel

    could I get a copy? lanopie@xplornet.com Thanks!
  11. lanopie

    Clap For The Wolfman Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    I'm looking forward to this please... lanopie@xplornet.com Thanks!
  12. lanopie

    Uptown Funk Faces Pixel Matrix

    Could I get a copy please? lanopie@xplornet.com Thanks in advance!!
  13. Is it the same with S5? That's what I'm using...
  14. I know this is old but what how many CCR are you licensed for? The reason I'm asking, I had problems with last year's show where I had a spiral tree with 8 CCB's and every time I wold plug it in my matrix would go crazy and my arches would not function. Today I just realized that when I was plugging in those 8 CCB's, I was encountering problems, unplug and everything was working fine. If I plugged in 2 everything was fine. I believe my problem was my license. I was only licensed for 40 CCR, without my spiral tree, I was at 38. Now I have upgraded to 60 so that should fix my problem. Hope this help.
  15. In the Sequencer, when choosing the text option for a matrix and you choose a font, there is nothing that tells you which font you have chosen, unless I'm blind. When you go back to change the font it would be nice to see which font you're using before changing.
  16. lanopie

    Scroll bar

    Here is an item for the wish list. When in sequencer I wish the scroll bar would be beside the props and not at the end of the grid, I know it works if you have scroll button on your mouse. I believe in earlier versions that's where the scroll bar was. Thanks!
  17. lanopie

    CCR Question

    If you are trying to to light up within the sequencer, make sure to click on Tools, Control lights.
  18. lanopie

    It's almost here

    Merry Christmas all!!
  19. Anybody has any type of programming for Kelly Clarkson's Underneath the tree and The Carpenter's Merry Christmas Darling. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!
  20. lanopie


    Hi DevMike, I tried what you said and they still gave me the same answer.
  21. lanopie

    All I want for Christmas Mariah Carey

    Can I have a copy I think I will use it for next year's show. Thanks! lanopie@xplornet.com
  22. lanopie


    I opened a ticket for one of my controller and this is what they told me. A source for triacs that have been known to work in LOR light controllers is below. You will need soldering skills to install these and it can take 10-20 minutes to replace a triac. It never hurts to have a few triacs stashed away for emergencies. Mouser: http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/STMicroelectronics/BTA16-600BWRG/?qs=%2fha2pyFaduiRl999Fj7%2f30CUDUZ%252bCqUN43mVxQfrz1s8Oc0i4sX4CQ%3d%3d Digikey: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/BTA16-600BWRG/497-3122-5-ND/654430 Allied Electronics: http://www.alliedelec.com/search/productdetail.aspx?SKU=70013674#tab=specs The first 2 they are backorder and may take up to 19 weeks to get them and the third I got the following message: Oops! You are seeing this page if the page you were searching for doesn't exist or is no longer available Hope this help.
  23. lanopie

    Looking for a sequence for Despecito song

    Thanks I think I did find the one you are referring to. Is it just singing faces or is there more sequencing to it? the reason I'm asking, I don't have singing faces. Thanks! I did the request here;
  24. lanopie

    Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    Could I get copy please? Thanks! lanopie@xplornet.com
  25. lanopie

    Looking for a sequence for Despecito song

    JR, You mention "To those above. If you are looking for my singing face sequence please search and reply within my thread" which thread are we talking about because the ones I found were closed to replies. Thanks!