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  1. When creating custom colors, you have to write down the mix of Red, Green and Blue, if you don't it takes awhile to recreate the same color. Anyway of showing the mix of each color created by hovering the mouse over it? Thanks!
  2. In the Sequencer, when choosing the text option for a matrix and you choose a font, there is nothing that tells you which font you have chosen, unless I'm blind. When you go back to change the font it would be nice to see which font you're using before changing.
  3. Shake up Christmas By Train

    Didn't get it, can you try lanopie@xplornet.com Thanks!
  4. Shake up Christmas By Train

    Like a broken record, could I get a copy too? lanopie@yahoo.com Thank you!
  5. Pixel Editor will not start

    Thank you all, uninstalled and deleted the Light-O-Rama folder under c:\Program Files(x86) and re-installed and now it's working fine. Thanks again Now back to our regular programming...
  6. Pixel Editor will not start

    I've installed 4.3.22 and everything works except for Pixel Editor. I've installed 4.3.18 and the same thing. I was using the beta version 5.0.4 and everything was working fine. I do have the Pro license. I'm running this on a HP Envy laptop Intel Core i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50Ghz with an Intel HD Graphics 620, OpenGL version 4.4, 8064MB of memory. What am I missing. Thanks!
  7. After some testing I found the problem. There are defaults settings that changed from version 4.3.14 to 4.3.18 and this is the one that was causing the problem; In 4.3.14 the "Output LOR Enhanced channels as well as LOR normal (if available)" is checked, in 4.3.18 it is not. When I checked this box and removed the check on keep the lights on at the end, everything was working perfectly.
  8. Well I thought I had it. Now the lights flicker off and on really quickly at the one minute mark. I decided to go to my old computer which runs 4.3.14 and chose the same file but I didn't chose to keep the lights on at the end and it works perfectly. I will have to test some more with 4.3.18. If anyone has any ideas, they're more than welcomed.
  9. Thank you all, I did check my sequence and the lights are on from beginning to end. Using this new version of the Hardware utility I saw the following line but never bothered with it because I don't use DMX. Now that I have checked this box it's working perfectly. I don't remember in 4.3.14 if that line was written the same way. Again thank you all for your help
  10. I'm running 4.3.18. Creating a simple one minute sequence to turn the lights on for the evening, no animation. Created the SD card for the G3 MP3 Director which has the latest firmware and at the end of the minute the lights turn off, stays off for a second or two, and then starts up again. I know with 4.3.14 it doesn't have a problem, the lights do not turn off at the end of the minute. I know I have chosen to run continuously from 8:45 to 11:58 What am I missing here? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. G3-MP3 Director

    I will look into this, I do have a UPS but it's not going to keep the PC up and running for a long period of time. A stand-by generator would be nice...:)
  12. G3-MP3 Director

    I know a PC will do just fine, I used to use a PC and when I was away from home I would have to turn on the PC before I leave and leave it on all day, added cost, and if we had an outage the PC would not come back up to start the show. The director always has the time and will always boot up properly even after a power outage, less worries.
  13. G3-MP3 Director

    Maybe some developer might look into this. I would think it would have to be a new unit since it would have a video output. Something to think about...
  14. I don't know if this has been asked before, Is there any chance that the G3-MP3 Director be upgraded to be able to play videos instead of using a PC? It's crunch time... Thanks!