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  1. Taken from http://www1.lightorama.com/Documents/G3-MP3_Man_Web.pdf Firmware Update: G3-MP3 This section describes how to update the G3-MP3 firmware for both the stand-alone unit and the unit built into the LOR1602MP3g3. You must have:  Hardware Utility version 2.3.4 or later, see the section Hardware Utility Version  No SD card in the G3-MP3  G3-MP3 should be displaying the time  The G3-MP3 powered (see the Power Input section) and connected to the PC via Net 1. Use a USB or serial adapter to connect the G3-MP3 to the PC. Do not use wireless. Get the latest firmware. www.lightorama.com ► Support ► Firmware. Note the name of the firmware file, G3-MP3-Vn_mm (n_mm is the version number) and save it on your PC in My Documents\Light-ORama\ Firmware. Start the LightORama Control Panel if it is not running by clicking start ► All Programs ► LightORama ► Light-O-Rama Control Panel. The Light-O-Rama light bulb icon will appear in the system tray on the lower right of your screen. Start the Hardware Utility by right-clicking the Light- O-Rama Control Panel light bulb and selecting Hardware Utility from the menu. Click the Firmware button in the LOR Control tab and you will see this window: In Step 3 – Press Download Button, click the Download button. The firmware download will start automatically. The Update progress bar will fill from left to right. When the new firmware is loaded, the Status will change to “Successful” and the G3-MP3 will reboot.
  2. Thanks for sharing, I have already printed out the Christmas tree and the Pumpkin from the PDF files but I can't seem to locate the PDF for the Light bulb, what program is used for a file with the extension .SVG? Thanks again!
  3. Very impressive, I really like it!!!! Wold you share? lanopie@xplornet.com Thanks!
  4. Hi, I would kindly like a copy, lanopie@xplornet.com
  5. Welcome aboard! You might have a better chance to look at the posts here, ask in the post itself for the ones you want.
  6. Is it something like this picture you are looking for?
  7. I would suggest to anyone upgrading to S5 to create, from scratch, your preview. Start with a just a few of your props and test it. On an another day do some more props and more testing. When I switched to the beta version I tried importing my S4 sequences and everything and noticed what a hassle it was to correct the errors and decided to create from scratch and let me tell you it was well worth it. Everything is clean and easier to work with. This was my second year running my show with S5 and I would not go back to S4.
  8. Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas, if you're travelling, travel safe. We can all take a breather...
  9. Could I please have a copy as well, Thank you in advance lanopie@xplornet.com Don't need it, you had already sent it, me and my old age... Thanks!
  10. Fortunately the Hardware Utility works perfectly, the HUB is also nice but not fully functional yet...
  11. Hi Matt, I am using 5.2.2, another thing I noticed was when you go back to modify a show all the hours are set to the default, you don't see the ones previously set.
  12. Not sure if this can help, I created a shutdown animation file, it has the lights from the last show ON and then I just turn them off. The animation is only a minute long, you can always trim it down to 30 seconds or so. There is also the item under Control Lights, Turn lights off when playback stops, I had to uncheck this in order for my Tune to sign to stay on in between songs.
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