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  1. obishop1

    I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day

    Could I please also have a copy. Thank you Obadiahbishop2011@gmail.com
  2. Could I please also have a copy. Thank you. Obadiahbishop2011@gmail.com
  3. obishop1

    Singing face sequence

    Would anyone have a sequence of a singing face so I can see how it is done. Any tips would be appreciated too. I have my singing/ guitar playing snowman prop built from holidaycoro but cant seem to get it to sing correctly. Thank you. My email is obadiahbishop2011@gmail.com
  4. Sir may I please have a copy thanks Obadiahbishop2011@gmail.com
  5. obishop1

    Sharing 2 Singing face sequences

    Sir I would like a cop of these please. Thank you
  6. Sir. May I please have a copy. Thanks Obadiahbishop2011@gmail.com
  7. obishop1

    Singing face sequence

    Awesome thank you sir
  8. obishop1

    Do you need help?

  9. obishop1

    Our light show at Thermopolis Fire dept

    It is God Bless America and armed forces medley by American Patriots. I edited the middle of the song out as I didn't have my rgb tree built yet to really bring it to life. If you need a copy let me know I can send you the edit I have.
  10. obishop1

    My plan for my dept this 4th of July

    Thanks. So far it hasn't been bad I changed the location to the side of the building where there are no bay doors to block posted the video on the 1st thread.
  11. 16 channels this year just to see how it goes
  12. obishop1

    Singing faces light sequences

    I am building the singing guitar playing snowman prop from holiday coro and was wondering if anyone has sequenced any songs for it? Even if you have a similar sequence of a singing face it would help me at least to see how they are sequenced. Thanks in advance. Obadiahbishop@yahoo.com
  13. obishop1

    Singing Faces Sequences

    I'm Just starting out as well. Looking for Christmas singing faces if anyone is willing to share. Thank you in advance. Obadiahbishop@yahoo.com
  14. obishop1

    Do you need help?

    Thank you so much I'll let you know when I have everything together
  15. obishop1

    Do you need help?

    Im considering trying to build a rgb smart pixel tree. My plan is to purchase the pixie16 and purchase 16 strands of 100 pixels ws2811 from ray wu. My question is will the pixie16 work with any ws2811 pixels or is it only compatible with LOR products such as CCR?