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  1. I am thinking about the floods but does anyone know if the 10 watts flood were on sale last year summer/spring sale?. I just see the 50w floods. Anyone have a preference on 10w or 50w floods? I have a single story house.
  2. It was not a contest but more of a lucky draw.
  3. I would like to see a 12 week course from start to finish of simple to expert on how to setup a light show. Every week for 12 weeks show the progression in making a show. I feel that there are a lot of mixed tutorials of just random stuff. Of course I would just want to see pixels as I am still somewhat confused on how it works.
  4. I can't seem to not trip my gfci when it rains. I feel bad cause I work late and can't get home to fix or dry whatever is tripping my gfci. I just put black electrical tape over plugs but maybe invest in those kids safety plugs. Feels bad cause this whole week its going to rain. Go figure in California we actually get rain.
  5. My brother son has autism but yet to see my display. I will have to have them over soon. Uplifting story's are why we do this crazy hobby.
  6. Check stores soon for Wallmart. Last year the lights went on sale a week before Christmas was over. I got there and most of the lights are gone. Seems like stores are trying to unload before Christmas and not just after.
  7. I want to get to this at one point. Seems so hard to understand pixels. I have pixel tree and still trying to grasp how it works. This is amazing and a lot of work. Great job.
  8. Euro92


    So I am using the LOR show Editor and LOR schedule Editor now. No problems right now. But hopefully they will fix the simple show builder for others with the same problems as me.
  9. Euro92


    I cant seem to get this working with more then 8 songs. Once I put more then 8 songs using the simple schedule Hub it randomly puts it in the show. Once I try and use the arrows to move the whole program shutsdown. Anyone else have this problems or better way to schedule your show.
  10. Question Lo Trama, do you still have the original computer with you sequences. If you do just copy the whole light o rama folder and move it to new one. I sequence on my main computer and then copy folder and put on my labtop show computer to play my show. If you do not have it orville is right about retrieving the SD card files.
  11. Vince4xmas. That is really awesome work. Very clean which I like. I'm not into the Christmas throw up that a lot of people do.
  12. Very cool. Maybe I should do this since I used to play the piano.
  13. Not sure why I didn't do this before. Simple and fast. --------> dummy here.
  14. Did you guys see last episodes large venue winner. It cost 21 dollars to get in while the other one gave food and hot chocolate for free. Also the nut case robo guy was amazing. I could watch him without a light show. Paid venues should not be able to compete in my opinion.
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