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  1. I'm hoping someone will have some input on these trees. I'm just worry the mouths look kinda off with the top portion moving instead of the bottom moving. Seems unnatural to have the top of the mouth move. I still probably might try it out since I want RGB trees with the ease of motion packs.
  2. Forgot the mention this is my first year. So don't judge too hard.
  3. So back to the question..... anyone have the light o rama singing trees?
  4. First I like to thank everyone on this forum for all the help they bring to every topic. This community is by far the best and most helpful forum I have ever been on. Here are two of 9 songs of my Christmas display 2018.
  5. K6ccc what brand of LEDs did you use?
  6. Has anyone tried the new Singing trees from light o rama? I am thinking of adding singing trees and wondering if these are good or the holiday coro trees better. It seems like the mouth of the light o rama trees are unnatural and odd looking. I do like how they are pixels. Any input would be nice. Thanks
  7. This is great. My first year and I can already relate to this. Wife although in more addicted now then me!!!! She won't let me take it down yet.
  8. Great job. Hey dribblejr do you like the Traditional singing Trees or Light bulbs better? I think I am going to add some singing faces next year. Thanks
  9. Been looking for this for mega tree. Steveward92@yahoo.com Thanks.
  10. Love the copy too. Steveward92@yahoo.com Thanks
  11. I would love a copy too. too much fun. Steveward92@yahoo.com
  12. I had the same thing happen to me last night. The show stayed on after it was supposed to be off. More important is that the lights just stayed on. Restarted show and ill see if it does it today.
  13. Man that's awesome!!! I was just feeling good about my 1st year.
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