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  1. JR, could you please send me the source list?
  2. Thanks for the link JR, looking forward to viewing the how-to vids Thanks!
  3. Hi JR, I would appreciate a source list and that video. Thanks, James
  4. I was thinking about getting the (http://store.lightorama.com/pismpico.html). If I do purchase it, do I also need to purchase an enclosure and power supply (http://store.lightorama.com/posuanden.html) ? I've only just purchased the already assembled and complete pixie 16 controllers; I do prefer buying the complete package as I am lazy 😛 I got the idea from JR about using a pixie 4 and CCRs for my roof line. Thanks, James
  5. Thank you for the replies speedster and mr p, I’ll check out that information.
  6. Thanks to all the support from the forum members here, my Christmas show is running as expected and impressing the neighbors. I have a question about my FM transmitter: why would some mp3 songs transmit strong (from my computer) and weak on others? thanks, james
  7. You're right Don, I'm running the network cable from the USB485 to Controller 01 to run the show and not really using the Mini-Director at all. Thanks for the clarification and answering my question!
  8. Hi Don, My computer that I run the show from is right at the front of my house and I connect the Mini-Director directly into the the audio output jack of my computer. So since I have the output of my show directly feeding into the Mini-Director, that's probably why I don't need the cat5e, right? James
  9. Hello, Back in April, I purchased the (http://store.lightorama.com/shcestpa.html) My first show was the 4th of July. During that time, I ran a cat5e cable from my CTB16PC to the "miniDirector and FM Transmitter". For my Christmas show, it's difficult to run a cat5e to the miniDirector and I found that it's really not needed as the signal is transmitted as expected on my desired FM frequency. My question is: what is the purpose of running a cat5e to the miniDirector? Thanks, James
  10. Hi Brian, I'm looking for a horizontal flip. Like a mirror image. Maybe I'll need to create a text image file for what I am looking for? James
  11. When I select the 180 degrees rotation radio button on SuperStar Sequencer S4, it rotates my text 180 degrees vertically. Is it possible to flip the text 180 degrees horizontally?
  12. Hi, I am importing 1 of 16 gif images into my 16x50 CCR mega tree. However, when I get to the x,y start & end coordinates, I cannot figure out what values to enter to get the 1st image to display right in the middle of my tree, with no movement...actually, it doesn't even show at all when I play back the 8 seconds. I did read one of Brian Bruderer's post about setting the coordinates to start: 12,0 and end: -64,0 ... and the image does show, but it moves quite quickly from left to right off the tree. Can someone advise on what start and end x&y coordinates I should set to center a stationary gif image? Thanks, James
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