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  1. Star Lord

    Bad pixel?

    Thanks gentlemen.
  2. Star Lord

    Bad pixel?

    New pixel tree from LOR. One of the strips on the pre-assembled pixel tree will not light past the red light on the string (pictured below). I have all strings set to light up 100% white. Is the pixel string bad\defective? James
  3. Hi Brian, JR mentioned that you have setup a prop for the Black Pixel Tree Kit - 16 strips of 25 pixels in SuperStar? If so, could you please share it with me? Thank you, James
  4. I just received the Pixel Tree Complete kit (Black Pixel Tree Kit - 16 strips of 25 pixels) yesterday. I'm testing it out with some instant sequences in SuperStar. Since I have 8 strips that are folded in half (to make the "16 strips"), do I set the "Ribbon Length" in the Layout to "Half"?
  5. Hi, During the last sale this year, I logged on a little and the items I really wanted were sold out. As an impulse buy, I purchased the 10W RGB Flood Plug-n-Show Package. I'm not sure if I really want to use the floods after all in my show. My question is (and it's probably a stupid one), can I swap out the flood lights with, for example, a string of 50 square pixels (ws2811\12v) using the CMB24D controller? Thanks, James
  6. Mr P and k6ccc, you two are most likely right about my config setting in SS. Like Mr. P suggested, I'll just set up my floods in SE. Thanks! James
  7. I am working with the CMB24D controller and the 8 - 10W RGB Flood Plug-n-Show Package (http://store.lightorama.com/10wrgbflplpa.html). When I create a sequence in S4 SuperStar, the only way I can get the 8 flood lights to turn on is when I add a scene (morph, etc.) to row 8 of the SuperStar grid (see attached pic for example). If I add any scene to rows 1 - 7, the flood lights do not light after I bring it into the Sequence Editor. I have the CMB24D setup as channel 42 with the dip switches and have tested all 8 channels successfully in the HU. Anyone else experience this? James
  8. Doris Day passed today. Such a beautiful voice. I will definitely add Christmas songs from beautiful Doris in my 2019 show.
  9. I logged on at about 9:15pm; missed out on the 16 ribbon tree kits 🙁 I did get the flood light plug n show package though. Somewhat bad news for me but good news for my wife as I didn't spend as much money this time.
  10. JR, could you please send me the source list?
  11. Thanks for the link JR, looking forward to viewing the how-to vids Thanks!
  12. Hi JR, I would appreciate a source list and that video. Thanks, James
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