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  1. For the fire hue shift can give some colors but lets say i wanted to do Red to White or something in the or Red to Green, I like the blue in the Hue shift but just thinking about more color options. For the Sound level initial I was thinking following more "SPL" of the audio track put this on a column or whole display that would pulse up down/Left right with the "SPL" level. I have been able to achieve something similar with the fire effect by choosing height adjustment with the Audio wave form but it's quite the same. Having a total sound spectrum would be cool as well being able to put that on a grid I am sure people would like.
  2. I would like to be able to color palette the Fire effect and or a sound level spectrum option..
  3. Thanks Matt, must have been something else on my side. either way it's running now!
  4. FIXED - Started Playing around and saved a new sequence. the old file name had both a comma and an apostrophe in the name, "Baby, It's cold outside" I remove both and saved the Sequence, Created new Play files and it worked.. Now I am not sure if that was the issue and the SE doesn't like files with punctuation but it's working now.
  5. well I thought I was on a good path there, bummer.. what should I look for when the File wont open in the show? This is the only one that wont open.
  6. I added a couple of new sequences to my show but one will not run. CP log says "ERROR WITH SEQUENCE ( cannot open sequence then the file location) so far I have tried to delete play files and re-create them, I have also tried to save the sequence as a new name and then create play files from that without luck. One thing I did notice is that for files related to this sequence I have the "play.lms" file but not a "play.lms.lcs" file I am unsure if that may be the root cause, I am also not real familar with the file extensions and relationship to the show. any thoughts or direction correcting this.
  7. So anything on the animation tab will run simultaneously with any other Animation sequence and with the Musical Sequences, If you want to run a musical sequence then an animation sequence put them both on the Musical Tab, you will need to do what Orville said and designate what type of sequence you are adding in the lower right hand drop down menu when search for the sequence.
  8. Thanks guys, these are indeed 12volt and I would plan on using the same chip WS2811 and color order. I figured you could but wanted to verify as i didn't see much discussion around it, I have a bunch of 15' extensions of the same type I can use make the correct length , good thing on these is that the wire is clearly marked on each side so keeping 12v/data/Gnd shouldn't be an issue. Thanks for the tip on marking in and out on the cut strands. Orville, just noticed you are in Orlando, I wouldn't mind checking out your display one night.. I am on the East Side.. I'll PM you.
  9. I have a couple of spots where the length of the light string is too long (C9 and Bullet RGB lights purchased from LOR) but haven't seen a guide or how to modify those lengths.. I am also thinking about next year where I want to create some props with snowflakes, Snowmen etc. that surely wont need 50 lights. I would prefer to have custom lengths or if there are other options.
  10. would like to add a couple more song to my show. Pixel please - Uncennsord@yahoo.com TIA
  11. Thank you! I that did it.. I really need to wrap my head around this Hex system.. I am so used to running Channels with Firework displays so I default to that thinking.. So what is the common vernacular for the outputs on the Pixie?
  12. Pretty new here but I am stuck on something that doesn't make sense to me. ..I have a preview build with basic props (windows, trim lines and columns) using 16 channels of one Pixie16 controller using RGB light strings, but when I play the sequence channels 1 through 9 will play then Channel 10 will play on the Channel 16 string but nothing will play on channels strings 10 through 15.. I thought I had build the preview wrong so I made another one and it does the same thing. Not really sure what I am doing wrong here.
  13. Little progress, and updates this morning. I after upgrading to Pro the Comm Listener is now showing up in the Task bar so that is no longer a concern. I also decided for sake of ease, learning curve and after to talking to JR to change my software version from 5.1.4 to 4.3.36.. I still have S5 on another PC but for now I am going to use 4.3.36, profile has been updated. I am going to walk through the steps JR provided again and recheck configuration.
  14. Thanks guys, I upgrade to pro today, didn't realize I wouldn't get the benefit of pixie 16 with standard version. yeah something is wrong here the Comm Listener is not in my task bar neither, and when I check the Control lights tab in SE the "light bulb" is not active, so for some reason CL not opening up. I have restarted my PC but no luck. JR - I started through your steps but when I got to the add a sequence portion I don't have one to put in and got lost on creating my own so I am going to have to read up on that.. maybe I will put in a free one or something I can puck up cheaply.
  15. Completely new to this, bought two Pixie16's and received them the other day and now I am working on setting them up and testing them. I have installed S5 and configured one controller assigned in Hardware Utility and I am able to turn the lights on when using HU test function so I think so far I am correctly set up.. When I now open the LOR control panel and open the sequencer I am not seeing any Comm Listener dialog box? I think I should. I haven't gone any further because I do believe I should see a Comm Listener. Am I right. also noticed that unless I have the HU open the light on the Pixie card is flashing, once I open the HU the light goes solid.
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